BrilliantFx Body Serum

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BrilliantFx Body Serum

Trinity of Youth’s BrilliantFx Body Serum, $40

What it is: A highly concentrated formula of lactic acid and arnica montana. Lactic Acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that is noted for its rich moisturizing attributes and its ability to exfoliate dead skin cells without provoking skin irritation. Arnica is a flowering plant that has anti-inflammatory benefits. BrilliantFx contains pure Arnica flower extract. The company claims this serum can help ease certain skin conditions like eczema.

Why I love it: This product was a big surprise to me. I received it last winter but I didn’t get around to trying it until the summer. My skin felt way too greasy after the first use (as an overnight treatment) – similar to how Vaseline feels against the skin. Also at first sniff, I wanted to gag because the thick light yellowish serum smelled too much like medicine from a far-flung destination. But in the morning my skin felt noticeably more supple. I continued to use the serum once a week in the summer and then amped up the frequency to 4 times a week in the fall when my skin got drier. Now I’m using it every night. Because this serum is so highly concentrated, a little bit goes a long way to hydrate skin. A little does a lot in terms of repairing skin too. In September, I started getting contact dermatitis in the form of hives on my forearms arms and legs. I am still trying to snuff out the root cause – to date, I’ve thrown out a slew of bed sheets (and even a mattress), changed the brand of my detergent, and nixed perfumed body lotion. Still, I’m breaking out occasionally in hives. When I get big bumps, I dab a bit of this serum on them, and it certainly helps minimize the itch and redness.

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