Body Blitz Spa Review

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Body Blitz Spa Review

After a heinous winter of backbreaking shovelling and long snowy commutes to work, which have made my neck and shoulders stiffer than Meg Ryan’s upper lip, I was in desperate need of a spa retreat to ease my achy body. As a fan of therapeutic water spas I was thrilled to get an invite to check Body Blitz Spa, their newest Toronto East location to experience their “healing waters” – a relay of immersing your body in hot, cold, and warm waters laced with sea salt.

But I didn’t want to go alone. The cold front had put a freeze on my social life also so I was craving some good ol’ girl time – and I knew just the girlfriend to call, Joanna.  Jo and I met in high school, and we reconnected a few years ago when I was living in the hipster hole that is West Queen West, and she on the more sophisticated side of the city near Yorkville. Back then we were in our mid twenties and we both had exciting demanding careers, hers in marketing; mine in publishing. And we were  living it up on the weekends in style – she rocking the bling and highest of heels, and me wearing some kind of vintage magic. We busied ourselves with just being young, wild, and free. We probably would’ve visited Body Blitz Spa on a late Sunday morning to soothe a hangover. Oh, how things have changed! 

Now that Jo is a stay-at-home mother of two young boys, we rarely see each other, so in planning my urban spa retreat I knew I had to ask her to join. What ensued were a few hours of pampering until our fingers pruned up and a glimpse into the realities of motherhood. My catch up date with Jo reminded me that whether you’re a busy career woman or a stay-at-home mom, you need to make time for yourself in order to perform at your best. Here’s Jo’s review of her midday mommy break at Body Blitz Spa. 

When I get tired, I’m irritable and it’s hard to be the mom and wife I want to be when I don’t have the patience for anyone at home.

The patience to answer the endless ‘why’ questions. To read the SAME book I’ve already read a zillion times – again. To play enthusiastically as a fireman, construction worker, truck driver, chef and other pretend person my 3 year old wants me to be. To shadow my 15-month-old as he gets into EVERYTHING. To discipline my kids without being ‘crazy yelling mom’.  To be the chipper wife when my husband gets home from a long day at work when I am emotionally drained.

It’s friggin’ exhausting.

Getting time away from the kids is a must to keep my sanity.

My friend Helen brought me to Body Blitz – a water healing spa. Just the retreat that the doctored ordered! Well, the only doctor I’m familiar with these days is Dr Seuss since let’s face it, (stay-at-home) moms aren’t allowed to be sick and if we are, good luck getting away to see a doctor.

For those not familiar with a water spa, it’s a variety of baths with different temperatures to help with muscle relaxation, blood circulation, and detoxification. It does mean that you will be in a bathing suit and trust me, after two kids and zero time to work out, I was apprehensive about squeezing into one. But the relaxation possibility greatly outweighs any body worries. Plus, its women’s only!

There is also an aromatherapy steam room and infrared sauna. The girl who showed me around told me talking is prohibited but speaking in hushed tones as Helen and I did, getting caught up on one another’s lives, did not seem bother anyone.

You must shower with warm soapy water before entering the baths. For a busy mom who doesn’t always get a chance to shower, taking the perquisite shower – sans kids – before entering the baths already felt wonderful. But the therapeutic water pools was such a treat.

My favourite was the warm Dead Sea salt pool as it has just the right temperature for relaxation.

The recommended circuit takes about 2.5 hours.  I got to relax just long enough so I really felt rejuvenated, but not too long that I felt as if I abused the goodwill of my free babysitter.

Relaxing, catching up with a friend and getting a shower in? Bliss. Now I can come home and happily play fireman for the billionth time with my son.



Head to Body Blitz Spa when your life starts looking like this…


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