Beyond Clear Acne System

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Beyond Clear Acne System

By Nikki Yeh

I only used this line for five days, but read on to see why…

What it is: The makers behind this American brand Beyond Clear 3-Piece System ($29.95) say their “secret weapon” is their Clarifoam Technology Foam Delivery System. This system is supposed to fight and prevent acne using benzoyl peroxide, retinol and salicylic acid; provide benzoyl peroxide in an emollient foam; and repair and strengthen skin.

The system contains the PURE Purifying Cleanser, the CLEAR Clarifying Treatment and HEALTHY Skin Accelerator. The cleanser holds 2% salicylic acid; the foam treatment has 4.25% benzoyl peroxide; and the accelerator lotion includes retinol, niacinamide and fruit seed extracts.

My Results: I already struggle with oily skin, but after using the whole kit, my skin felt ridiculously greasier. After I tried the system the first time, my face was so shiny, it reflected my TV screen. (No joke!)

Since my skin got incredibly oily, I nixed the morning treatment. However, my pores were still drowning in grease. So I only used the cleanser and got rid of the accelerator and treatment by days three and four. No luck here – the oil buildup continued to be pretty gross.

I stopped using the whole system in five days. Why? Several red zits popped up on my chin and forehead. When I started the system, I began treating a fresh pimple above my lip; by day five, it doubled in size, redness and pain. My self-esteem plummeted when my two-year-old dabbed this zit with her finger and repeatedly asked, “What’s dat?”

Extra Notes: I’m used to applying a 5% benzoyl peroxide gel, which is my hero zit combat. But Beyond Clear’s benzoyl peroxide foam is too weak for me – remember, it only has 4.25% benzoyl peroxide.  You know how some people need a soapy lather to feel clean? Well, I just didn’t feel like a quick-dissolving foam could cover a whole zit surface, unlike a gel. Also, each piece of the kit was stinky! The system emits a musky flower doused in aftershave and old lady perfume. This annoying scent wedged itself in my nostrils all day and night, which didn’t help my winter allergies.


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