Beach bag beauty

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Beach bag beauty

Beach bag beauty: Skincare by the seashore

Written by Kelsey McGillis

Now that we’re in the dog days of summer, it’s prime beach season.  And as you find yourself walking, driving or flying to the nearest sun and sand – make sure you’re ready. Along with the latest copy of your favorite magazine or a book,  there’s a few essentials everyone should keep in their beach bags.

Sun Protection: Though SPF should be your bestie year-round, it’s even more important for those sweltering summer days. Along with tossing your go-to sunscreen into your beach bag, “You can also use sunglasses that have UVA/UVB filters”, says skincare expert Dr. Lisa Kellett. Not only do they add a stylish touch to your outfit, they protect your eyes from signs of aging such as crow’s feet and age spots.  Another pro tip: if you’re planning on going in the water, make sure you re-apply, re-apply, re-apply the SPF – Dr. Kellett advises every 2 hours, at least.

Moisturizing: Extreme heat can be, well, extremely dehydrating.  It’s super important to keep a big bottle of water with you, for hydration from the inside out. Just as our bodies can get dehydrated from the sun, so can our skin. Dry skin is vulnerable skin, as Dr. Kellett explains, “dry skin can lose some of the intrinsic barrier function that normal skin possesses and therefore be more susceptible to sun damage.” Keeping a bottle of H2O and a good moisturizer on hand are key for all-inclusive hydration this summer.

After-care: Equally as important as protecting your skin and body at the beach, are the steps to take to care for yourself afterwards. Swimming in any natural body of water puts you in reach of a number of pollutants and bacteria. “Salt water can contain feces of birds or jellyfish parts, which can be irritating to the skin,” Kellett says. “Rinsing and drying off your skin right after swimming helps to decrease skin eruptions.” Keep a towel and facial wipes on hand to ensure you stay clean and safe, all summer long.

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