Bad skincare habits

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Bad skincare habits

7 Deadly S(k)ins – Bad skincare habits

Guest Written by Kelsey McGillis

We all have our own bad habits and guilty pleasures – whether it’s reality TV, sleeping in or eating a whole pint of Häagen-Dazs before bed. But when it comes to your skin, what may seem like an innocent habit may actually do harm to your skin.

We sat down with Toronto Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett to get the scoop on some of the worst skincare habits. So without further adieu, here are the 7 deadly skin sins.

#1 Picking
You probably heard your mother say it a thousand times growing up – but as it turns out, this is more than just an old wive’s tale. Picking at your skin is not only a nasty habit, but can potentially be dangerous. “People pick at their acne and it can get infected and the infection spreads,” Kellett explains. “At that point it’s possible then that they’ll be put onto antibiotics.”

#2  Sun of a…
Although lying by the pool all summer, daiquiri in hand seems like anyone’s dream come true… it’s actually a nightmare for your skin. During all seasons and all settings (yes, even indoors), make sure you have sunscreen with an SPF over 30 on hand and be cautious of how many hours of UV exposure you get. After all, pre-mature wrinkles and sunspots are not a good summer look.

#3 Home alone?
Though they’ve been all the rage across social media for the past few years, Dr. Kellett warns against at home skincare devices, such as the Clarisonic. The soothing vibrations and rotating brush might seem like your own at-home spa, but Dr. Kellett warns of the dark side.  “They can be too aggressive for certain skin types,” she says. “They can actually end up inflaming the skin on the face and their acne as well.”

#4 Overwashing
Too much of a good thing, always goes badly. This is true especially when it comes to washing your face. Overwashing actually does the opposite of what you might be hoping for.  A face that’s too clean is unable to develop its own moisture and you’ll be left with dry, rough skin. Yuck.

#5 Say no to extractions
Next time you treat yourself to a nice facial, pay attention to whoever is performing it. If you see them beginning to extract anything from your skin, they might be doing you more harm than good.   “When people go for facials, it’s very old-school now to do extractions because we know doing extractions can result in cysts and scarring,” Kellett says.

We get it, the colourful and flashy bottles at sephora can be tempting. We’ve all given in and bought yet ANOTHER serum, oil, or supposed magic potion we probably didn’t need. And though a counter lined in skincare products is visually satisfying… it might be time for a bathroom overhaul. Many dermatologists advocate a simple system, finding a few products that work the best for you and not overdoing it on the amount of ingredients you use. Keep it stupid simple.

#7 Don’t self diagnose
Finally, proving that age old saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, you should always only trust medical professionals for your skincare needs. Especially when it comes to spots or marks that may pose a risk. Dark spots may be more than they appear, even cancerous, so make sure you get a doctor’s opinion.  Kellett explains, “If you want to get rid of pigmented lesions (also known as aging spots or brown spots), don’t go to anybody else but a dermatologist.”


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