Hair photographer: Babak

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Madonna. Cher. Beyonce. You know you’re an international celebrity when people refer to you by just your first name. In the fiercely competitive world of hair fashion photography, Babak is that star. From newbie stylists who dream of making it Vidal-Sasoon-Big to seasoned colourists with NAHA and Contessa trophies on their mantel, anybody who is anybody in the salon industry knows that a Babak-produced image is a surefire winner. To him, “An image is like a song. You don’t want a one-hit wonder no one remembers the next year.” Here’s The Skiny on the man behind the lens.

In one sentence, define who you are. I am BABAK, the longest-running hair fashion photographer that does shoots for hair awards across North America.

Where do you call home now? Any place the jetliner flies to and where there is good light and models.

What drives you in a positive way and in a negative way? Music is a positive force in my routine. I try not to be negative.

Describe a typical day for you (from bed to bed). There are no typical ones at all–some days are shoot days, some travel days, some editing days and some that i have to do paper work.

What’s your healthy maintenance routine for…

Exercise? I do jump shots on set.

Diet? I try to stay away from fast food and do my own cooking when I’m not on the road.

Skincare? Face cream + Photoshop.

Fun? Play my guitar, make videos and street photography in different cities.

Modern Salon cover shoot, Paris 2010

Vidal Sassoon, Chicago 2011


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