Glow Getters

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Another winter will soon bite the dust! (Hopefully spring is not fashionably late this year!) And it’s prime time to refresh your skincare regime to help bring back your dew. First order of business: exfoliate. “One of the best secrets for an at-home way to stimulate cellular turnover is to exfoliate twice a day with a sophisticated gel-based (non-foaming) cleanser with beads,” says Toronto-based dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett. “This results in a fresher, healthier looking complexion.” Dr. Kellett also stresses that using the right type of scrub is key to unveiling new, fresh skin quickly without irritation. Keeping dead skin cells off your epidermis not only makes it shine (in a good way), but also enables the skin to better absorb brightening ingredients you put on it afterwards. Get that lit-from-within look with these luminosity-enhancing products:

1. Brown Spot Corrector Roll-on, $30, Marcelle. 2. Polishing Gel Cleanser, $45, Kellett Skincare. 3. Turnaround Instant Facial mask, $38, Clinque. 4. Intensive Radiance Eye Cream, $75, Kellett Skincare. 5. Facial cleansing brush, $19, Proactiv.

6. Stage Performer Instant Glow BB cream, $50, Shu Uemura. 7. Brightening Anti-Aging Cleanser, $45, Kellett Skincare. 8. Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating mist, $26, Benefit.

–From “Glow Getters: Spring clean your skin”,,  February 2013 by Helen Vong. 


Milia Removal

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Painful but necessary.

Sip on this

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A beautifying night cap to try.

Blogger: Lisamarie Wilson

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Creator of

My Spray Tan

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Like my fake bake?

Fitness Model: Tiffani Bachus

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Fit mom, foodie, skincare junkie.

Digital Exec: Duke McKenzie

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Frequent flyer. Eye cream slave.

Kelly Ripa

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Gorgeous, funny, and Botox-ed.

Eat Dark Chocolate

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Try this beautifying dessert recipe.

ProFractional Laser

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Slough away scars and wrinkles.


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The Skiny on UltraShape skin tightening.

Latisse vs. Peptalash

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Which one delivers longer lashes?

Dior Eye and Lip Cream

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1 luxe night cream, 2 purposes.

Wash every night?

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Dr. Lisa Kellett says yes!

Detox your skin

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Ginger-Apple Carrot Celery Juice

How to get rid of scars

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In life, scars happen, and they can become an unwanted yet permanent part of our appearance. Luckily, scar-reducing treatments are available. We’ve enlisted the help of two professionals to guide us through them.

Raised, thickened scars occur when the body’s healing process produces excess collagen. In other cases, scars appear as lighter or darker marks on the skin or, in the case of “box car” acne scars, sunken areas.

For new scars, timing is everything. “You used to wait a year before you started a laser treatment, but we know now that it’s better to heal compromised skin when it’s still in the healing phase,” says Toronto Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue, MD, FRCPC, DABD.

Your prescribed regimen may include more than one type of laser or treatment. “It can take more than one approach to reduce a scar or multiple scars’ appearance,” says Dr. Adam Mamelak, MD, FRCPC, DABD, a dual-board certified dermatologist practicing in Ottawa and Austin, Texas. “Go to someone who is familiar with the different modalities, so he or she can determine the best treatments for you.”

Post-surgery scar-management therapy may include a topical silicone treatment to keep the area hydrated and protected, which reduces the
likelihood of raised or abnormal scarring.

Easy to use and inexpensive, … Read More »

Moisture Mask

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Loving Yonka Masque no. 1

Favorite Sunscreen 2012

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Elta MD UV Physical SPF 41

Eat well, Age Amazingly

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What to eat for youthful skin.

Soapwalla All-Natural Deodorant

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My Review + A Giveaway!