Skin Benefits of Nuts and Fruit

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Snack your way to better skin with these dynamic duo recipes.

The Upside of Aging

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Here’s some good news about getting older: happiness increases with age.

The Clear + Brilliant laser

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Helen gives the “mini Fraxel” a go — stress ball in hand.

Meet My New Hair Husband

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It took me years to find him…again.

Get Eyes Like Bond

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Get a youthful gaze like Bond. James Bond.

Retin-A vs. Retinol

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Exfoliator smack down: Is Retin-A and Retinol the same?

Glowing Green Smoothie

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Turn up your skin’s luminosity.

Tan on the Run

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I just watched my friend get a spray tan…in her kitchen!

Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

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Helen never thought it was possible to get fuzz-free without pain.

Your best shape ever!

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We asked Toronto dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett, MD, FRCP (C), DABD, to
give us the skinny on the UltraShape body contouring treatment. Dr.
Kellett was the first in North America to offer UltraShape, a non-surgical body contouring treatment that effectively and safely reduces unsightly fat deposits in men and women.

SAYS DR. KELLETT “A recent survey of Canadian
women aged 25 to 60 reveals that more than 90 per cent say there is
something about their body they would change. Also, 79 per cent of women
admit that they are their own worst critic when it comes to their body
shape. It is rewarding to help my patients obtain the body shapes they
aspire to have.”

Q: How does the UltraShape technology work? DR. KELLETT:
The procedure uses a therapeutic transducer that is moved over the skin
to apply focused ultrasound to the skin.­ The transducer generates
mechanical effects to selectively break down fat cells and liquefy fat.­
The liquefied fat is gradually and safely cleared by the body’s natural
physiology.­ UltraShape now offers the first technology to
simultaneously treat multiple depths of fat, called Vertical Dynamic
Focus, for a smoother contour.

Q: What are the effects of UltraShape and how soon do they appear? DR. KELLETT:
UltraShape … Read More »

Deejay: Joanne Wilder

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We’re wild about Wilder!

My first LED facial

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LED lights aren’t just for christmas trees, they may help your skin too.

Mani + Pedi at Stillwater Spa

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Helen gets an anti-aging manicure and pedicure at one of Toronto’s best spas.

Needleless Mesotherapy

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Helen tries a natural alternative to chemical peels (and it’s no walk in the park).

BB cream battle

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In the ring: Dior’s Hydra Life versus Estee Lauder’s Daywear.

Get Bambi Lashes

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3 things you must know before getting eyelash extensions

Seemingly Sinful Brownies

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A 20-minute recipe that’s good for your heart, waistline, and skin.

5 Sunscreens for Fall

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Want to always look ten years younger? Then daily sunscreen is non-negotiable.

The $159 pillow

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Sleep away your wrinkles with the enVy anti-aging/wellness pillow.

What happened to her face?

Posted on October 17th, by Helen in Celebrity. 12 comments

At age 40, Cameron Diaz is looking a bit weathered these days.