Saving Face

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Saving Face

Successful and sassy, semi-retired fashion business mogul Robin Kay is ready to take on another challenge: saving her skin from the effects of aging, so that her face can match the amazing way she feels about her life these days.

Kay is best known for single-handedly putting Canadian fashion on the map. With no formal training in fashion design but a natural business sense, Kay achieved phenomenal success over 25 years in the retail and wholesale world. In 1999 Robin became an international ambassador for Canada’s fashion industry, spearheading the creation of Fashion Week in Toronto.  Kay now serves as the president of the Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC) and provides mentorship to budding designers.

In her personal life, Kay has had her share of joy and sorrow. A mother of three adult children, Kay battled breast cancer a decade ago, followed by an autoimmune disease, which required years of medication that she describes, in the video below, as “debilitating, emotionally and physically.”

Today Kay is free of the meds, and since she is never one to rest on her laurels, her schedule is still packed with fabulous fetes, pitch meetings, and travel. Adding to her to-do list is keeping her outer appearance as fresh and youthful as she feels on the inside. And since we’re the experts at that, we’re more than pleased to help her with her journey!

In part one of our anti-aging video series, we follow Kay into the treatment rooms at DLK on Avenue, where she begins her transformation with the help of Dr. Lisa Kellett and cosmetic nurse, Diana Phillips—and their high-tech toys: Thermage, Botox, and Juvederm. Watch below (and stay tuned for our follow up)!

Photo credit (Robin in red dress): Ryan Price for FAJO Magazine

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