Age Grapefully

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Age Grapefully

All hail “the queen of fruits”!  It turns out that grapes, prized for their ability to treat everything from constipation to heart disease, can add another health benefit to their already impressive résumé.

A study conducted at The University of Hong Kong found that resveratrol, found in grapes, could delay premature aging.

The findings go something like this: It seems we’ve got this longevity gene, called SIRT1. The researchers discovered that this gene is activated by a protein, called Lamin A. That discovery was pretty interesting.

Then, they determined that resveratrol strengthened the binding between the two, thus delaying the onset of aging. That was fascinating.

What this means for us is the potential to treat the symptoms of aging. Be afraid, wrinkles. Be very, very afraid.

– Jessica Wortsman

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