Anti-Aging Cocktails

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Anti-Aging Cocktails

Anti-Aging Cocktails: Too good to be true?

Guest Written by Kelsey McGillis

You’ve certainly heard the classic expression “Have your cake and eat it too?”, but what about “have your cocktail and youthful skin too?”.  As it turns out, one company is trying to turn that very expression into reality. Enter U.K Based ‘Anti-aGin Gin’, whose slogan is “young in spirit” (Get it, anti a-GIN). This cocktail mix’s claims include “rejuvenating your skin while you drink!” and being “the alcoholic equivalent of a facial.”

So what’s the secret behind these hefty claims? Collagen, and lots of it. Infused with botanicals and drinkable collagen, it is supposed to be anti-aging and reveal new, youthful skin. But what do the experts have to say about this seemingly magical product?

As it turns out, youthful skin isn’t as simple as drinking collagen. DLK on Avenue’s expert Dr. Lisa Kellett explains that, “when you ingest collagen, your digestive system breaks it down. So it doesn’t even reach your skin in the form it needs to be in to be effective.” So as amazing as a gin and tonic and skin treatment all-in-one might sound, it looks like it really is too good to be true.

Youthful skin is better achieved in a multi-part solution (cocktails unfortunately not included). Kellett advises using products with Vitamin A and Vitamin C. While Vitamin A increases your body’s own natural collagen production, Vitamin C has strong antioxidant properties that decrease the environments detrimental effects on skin.

Aside from using the right products topically, your entire body’s health is crucial to vibrant looking skin. A diet low in fat and high in protein and vegetables will help your skin tons. “They contain antioxidants and are the building blocks of collagen,” Kellet explained. “The healthier you are, the healthier skin will look.”

So there you have it, the quest for a one step solution to all your skin’s dilemmas continues. But for today, healthy eating and skincare still has no competition in its effectiveness.

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