Angelina has chickenpox

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Angelina has chickenpox

When Angelina Jolie revealed that she has chickenpox (watch her video here), I had a flashback of seven-year-old me wearing mitts in bed, a tactic my mom employed to prevent me from scratching my itchy face, arms, and legs which were riddled with pus-filled lesions. I was down with the pox and quarantined in my room for days! Mom’s mitt strategy worked to some degree, though I did end up scratching a spot, unfairly located smack in the middle of my forehead. That second of relief resulted in a pitted scar that has cost me a lifetime of concealers and cosmetic treatments to help. My latest endeavour to soften the scar are Erbium laser treatments at my derm’s clinic.

What can Angie do at her point in the pox game? I asked celebrity dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu for her expertise. Here’s what she suggests:

Jessica Wu

Dr. Jessica Wu

“I think the most important message is that chickenpox can be more severe in adults, so if you notice a new rash on your skin, especially if it’s accompanied by fever, to see a doctor right away. If untreated, it could lead to pneumonia and brain inflammation. Early detection and treatment can also minimize the risk of scars in adults.”

And what if Angie can’t help but scratch, marring her famous face with a scar?

“I typically use a combination of fillers, lasers, and chemical peels to improve the appearance of chickenpox scars. Most importantly, do not pick the scabs! This is true of any skin lesion.”

Have you ever had chickenpox? Do you currently have post-pox scars? Let us know in the comments section below.

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