An App for Better Skin

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An App for Better Skin

We asked top docs around the world for their opinion on what was hot in 2014 and what will be hot in 2015 in their industry. Here’s The Skiny from neuroscientist Dr. Claudia Aguirre

 1. What were some of the most innovative things that happened in 2014 in the study of skin aging and the aging brain?

 My interest is in technological advances and I was happy to see some innovations in this area. For example, SkinBetter utilizes Canfield Scientific technology to analyze skin and through partnering with Allure Magazine, they can also recommend products using algorithms tied to the skin images.

Technology in neuroscience has also been accelerated this year. Mind control is no longer a thing of science fiction. Recently, a double amputee who received two robotic Modular Prosthetic Limbs trained his mind to simultaneously control each robotic arm.

2. What do you predict to be a game changer in 2015?

In the wellness field and in the general public perception, there’s no doubt that the mindfulness movement has permeated various facets of society. Just last year, the global wellness industry was estimated to be worth $3.4 Trillion. I think a focus in this industry will be on longevity and on mind-body therapies in 2015. When I started out in the beauty and skincare industry, there was no talk of neuroscience. I think in the coming years, we’ll see more neuroscientific approaches to skin care, nutrition and longevity.



Claudia Aguirre, PhD is a California-based neuroscientist with an extensive focus on longevity. She has travelled the world lecturing on a broad range of topics from the aging brain to aging skin. Follow her on Twitter @doctorclaudia


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