Acupuncture for Beauty?

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Acupuncture for Beauty?

It’s nothing new to stick needles in your face for beauty purposes! Look at the popularity of Botox and Juvederm in today’s youth obsessed society. Trust me, we are all for injectables here at the Skiny. If it makes you feel great about yourself, do it. That’s my motto. However, I have been wondering if there was a non-surgical way to enhance my youthful glow and complexion. I started to research acupuncture for beauty and decided to give it a try.

“Cosmetic acupuncture has so many benefits; you can target acne, fine lines and wrinkles, help lift and tighten the skin and improve the complexion. It’s all non-surgical, and done by inserting tiny needles to corresponding acupuncture points. You’ll actually leave feeling more energised and start to see results immediately.” Says the amazing Sarah Kreitzer of Acupuncture Center Toronto.


Sarah Kreitzer is a guru for all things beauty and acupuncture, along with some other impressive qualifications. Registered Acupuncturist R.Ac with CTCMPAO. She is also a practicing member of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians Association of Canada (TCMPAC).

When I arrived Sarah does a Traditional Chinese Medicine intake to assess what treatment will be right for you. We spoke about my primary concerns of acne and smile/ frown lines. She educated me about what we would be doing for the treatment and why. Talking to her was so informative and interesting, it got me very excited about the treatment. Imagine that? Excited to stick needles in my face and body! Hah!

Sarah Kreitzer R. Ac

Sarah Kreitzer R. Ac

Acne usually relates to a blood deficiency. My symptoms that were associated were acne, but also trouble sleeping. I always have a hard time falling asleep because I have a restless mind. She told me that blood nourishes the mind, and thats another indicator of a blood deficiency. I didn’t even mention that I was diagnosed with low iron (anemia) but it all makes sense! To help with strengthening and tonifying the blood she would not only target acne points on the body, but blood points on the body. She finished the treatment with something called the six flower treatment that is done by applying needles to the paraspinal muscles to strengthen the blood.

Bar Rafaeli is a fan of cosmetic acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture Treatment

Fine-Lines and wrinkles are a separate common concern Sarah sees. For an anti-aging treatment, you need to get right up in those fine lines and break down the caked up collagen that’s causing the wrinkles. Using intradermal needles you can penetrate the wrinkles and flush the skin with fresh blood. Sarah also massages the treated areas after to improve circulation to the treated areas and smooth the skin. You have to be comfortable with the idea of needles in the face, because they can  be a little tender going into dense collagen bundles, but treatment is done within a patients comfort level so needles can always be moved if they are uncomfortable.

“Ideally you want to come in for 8-10 sessions to see really incredible results, but you will notice a difference right away. The sessions build on each other so you definitely want to do a complete course to get the full effects.” Sarah tells me.

But will it hurt? No pain no gain right? Wrong. I had needles all over the body; feet, legs, wrists, face, spine and it wasn’t at all uncomfortable. There’s the initial prick feeling, but you start with some needles in the feet to ground your chi (energy) and then you can really just relax and let Sarah work her magic.


My is glowing post treatment!

I LOVED the treatment. I slept like a baby that night and I noticed a reduction in my frown and smile lines right after. My breakouts have been pretty under control too. I would highly recommend visiting Sarah at Acupuncture Center Toronto.

Have any of you ever tried cosmetic acupuncture?

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