5 Sunscreens for Fall

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5 Sunscreens for Fall

If you want to always look ten years younger, then wearing sunscreen 365 days a year is non-negotiable. These are my current obsessions.

1. Elta MD UV Physical SPF 41, available at derm clinics.

This creamy tinted, chemical-free formula was recommended by my BFF who has acne-prone skin. My face never greases up when I wear this, even under heavy foundation.

2. B. Kamins Sun Defence SPF 30, available at Sephora.

Also lightly tinted, this oil-free lotion provides unique color-correcting benefits, which is great for make-up free weekends. It was also recommended to me by a friend who has acne-prone skin.

3. Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me SPF 20, at Shoppers Drug Mart.

I nearly flipped when I saw the paltry $5 price tag on this. It’s hard enough to find an elegant lip balm with a high SPF, and even harder to find a red that doesn’t make me look severe. Its reddish-orange hue brightens up my face, and I like that it doesn’t taste or has an overwhelming scent like Cherry Chap stick. I’ve worn this with both sundresses and LBDs. So versatile, and has skin-saving benefits (SPF and long-lasting hydration). I’ll die if they ever discontinue this.

4. Blistex Lip Infusion roller ball SPF 15, at Shoppers.

For days when I don’t want to wear colour on my pucker, you’ll see me rolling my lips with this, like every hour. It has also gotten the man seal of approval – my beau digs it too. The cooling tip feels so soothing. Caveat: it’s an addictive feeling.

5. Vichy Capital Soleil Sunscreen Stick SPF 60, at Shoppers.

This is a makeup bag staple – it’s my sunscreen back up for those times when I don’t have a full tube or bottle kicking around. But I mostly use it on my hands in the car; dabbing it on the back of them before I start driving because (surprise) UV rays can travel through tinted car windows too.

[gn_box title=”Q&A with Our Derm” color=”#333333″]

Q: Why wear sunscreen every day?

A: “The face gets more exposure year round to the sun’s damaging rays than other body parts; for this reason, people should be diligent about sun protection daily,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett.

Q: At which point in our make-up routine should we slather on the SPF?

A: “Apply sunscreen after cleansing your face, let it sink in for five minutes, and then put on your makeup.”




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