Happy Feet and Face

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Happy Feet and Face

Beach season is just around the corner – are your feet and face ready? Before you haul home a bag full of beauty accoutrements, check out these quality products that we’ve been testing all winter long.

Sexier Feet

1. Scrub ‘em down with the Margaret Dabbs Footcare Exfoliating Foot Mousse ($38 at select medical spas across Canada) This coarse, podiatrist-developed product combines ground tea tree leaf and pumice with replenishing emu oil–a great mix of luxury and efficacious ingredients! Margaret Dabbs was one of the first women to pioneer the popularity of the medical pedicure across London; read more about her .

2. Soften up rough patches and jagged skin around your soles with the Micro Pedi foot buffer ($40, Emoji). New to Canada but a cult favorite in Europe, this battery-operated, waterproof hand-held spins at 30 times per second to effectively and safely slough down hard heels, which are 20 times thicker than the rest of your foot.


If you wear high heels often, ward off foot pain with simple exercises such as curling your toes for ten minutes a day or rolling your foot on a tennis ball.


Sexier skin

3. While we were pampering our feet with products from across the pond, our facial skin remained faithful to our go-to dermatologist’s latest innovation: Topical Vitamin C Ferulic Booster Serum ($199, Kellett Skincare). This powerful serum helps brighten up dark spots by lightening existing melanin blobs, and contains a touch of salicylic acid to help clear acne. What’s more, it amps up the UV-protection of our sunscreen with 21% vitamin C, ferulic acid, vitamin E, and green tea extracts. 

You might be wondering why do I need a separate antioxidant serum when my sunscreen already contains antioxidants?

Good question. It’s something we’ve pondered too, so we asked Louise Hidinger, a Toronto-based cosmetic scientist to help clarify: “There are quite a few sunscreens that incorporate antioxidants like Vitamin E and green tea extract, but the concentration of such antioxidants is probably so low as to be pretty much ineffective. It would definitely be much more effective to wear a serum containing a high concentration of anti-oxidants underneath a sunscreen. The idea behind this is two-fold: (1) the sunscreens would protect the skin from UV radiation and (2) the antioxidant serum would inhibit oxidative stress to skin that is exposed to any UV radiation that is not blocked by the sunscreen, as well as other environmental stressors such as pollution.”

In the morning, emulsify a few drops of Vitamin C Ferulic serum with a teaspoon of sunscreen and spread across your face and neck. Let the products sink into skin before applying makeup.



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