Armpit laser hair removal

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Armpit laser hair removal

After stumbling upon this video, I immediately wanted needed something I had never considered before. Laser hair removal.

I was completely blown away with how gorgeous her armpits are! Gorgeous armpits? Yes, that’s a thing.

No dark shadows in your pits!

Being the researcher that I am, I immediately hit the internet to seek out the best in laser hair removal techniques, when an ad popped up on my screen.

We’ve all see them. Whether it’s on Groupon, an infomercial, or some other discount site, I’m always seeing ads for laser hair removal for a “great deal”. 91% off! First session free! No matter how good the deal seems, I’m here to tell you that this is NOT a good deal.

If not done professionally, laser hair removal can leave horrible scars. Just take a look at the pic below.

Photo source:

Photo source:

So PLEASE do not get discount laser hair removal.

After researching this treatment, I found out that many of these so called laser hair removal clinics, have out-dated machinery and the aestheticians lack education and training.

Having had such a great consultation with Dr. Lisa Kellett about my bacne (before and after photos will be coming!) I decided to try DLK on Avenue again, this time for laser hair removal. The difference with DLK compared to one of these discount hair removal places are many!

  1. The lasers themselves are the absolute top of the line lasers in hair removal technology. No ifs ands or buts.
  2. They have more than one type of laser. If you have light skin, they have a laser for that, if you have dark skin, they have a laser for that! Many discount clinics have only one laser, and this is often why scarring can occur. If the correct laser isn’t used, it can lead to damaged skin.
  3. They give thorough consultations. They want to know the history of your skin, the background of your parents, and so much more. I even had to show some scars I had that I was told were called keloid scars (which apparently DLK can remove if I want that as well). A thorough consultation means that mistakes aren’t going to be made, (aka no scars).
  4. If after the consult there are any concerns, you will be sent to Dr. Kellett for medical approval. They aren’t going to whip out the lasers unless they are sure it is safe for you. DLK wants to make sure that you get great results, and no scars.
  5. They walk you through the treatment thoroughly. What to expect, how to prepare, cost, how many treatments it might take, everything. Any and every question is answered. These people put the P in professional.

My consultation with Lindsay was quick and easy. There were no concerns, I was approved and good to go. Best yet, they were able to do my first treatment right away!

I swear it took less than 5 minutes to complete both arm pits. I was a little nervous that it would hurt a lot, but it was actually totally fine. The laser felt as if someone lightly pinched you, and it was a bit warm. Defiantly no big fuss. Lindsay explained that the laser uses a special technology called vacuum-assist for added comfort.    The weirdest part was I could smell the hair burning so I knew it was working!

Before I knew it, I was done, my next appointment booked, armpits feeling totally normal, and no creepy scars in sight. I can’t wait for all my sessions to be complete so that I too, have gorgeous armpits!

In closing:  If you have ever had a laser hair removal treatment gone bad, definitely give DLK a call.

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