Win Beyonce Tickets

Posted on December 13th, by Helen in Blog, Celebrity. 33 comments

Win Beyonce Tickets

Hey Torontonians, want to see Queen Bey on Monday night?

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to her concert at the ACC on Monday December 16, 2013. To enter, you must do at least one of the following (you’ll earn more points by doing all four):

1) Follow @theskinytweets on Twitter and Retweet our “Win Beyonce Tics” tweet.

2) Like us on Facebook, “theskinyonskin” and like our “Win Beyonce Tics” post.

3) Sign up for our monthly newsletter here.

4) Leave a comment in the comment section of this post, tell us: What makes Bey beautiful? Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you, if you’re the winner.

Winner will be contacted via email on Sunday December 15, 2013. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Seats are lower bowl centre, visit the Air Canada Centre website for details.

Win beyonce


  • simo_8

    She has such clear and flawless skin!

  • Tricks

    She’s the perfect example of a women who is beautiful inside & out. She owns her confidence, her body no matter what size, and no one can tell her otherwise. Plus she has perfect skin that looks great without or without makeup. I want to be her when I grow up!

  • ngifto

    Beyonce is the epitamy of beauty from the inside out! Beyonce has a beautiful heart that captivates everyone around the world. She is a strong, independent and dedicated woman. Watching her raise Blue Ivy (as little as we get to see) show how much of a wonderful and beautiful mother she is. Now, she is beautiful on the outside because her skin is flawless, her teeth are perfect, her eyes are sultry and her hair is to die for! If I could look like one celebrity it would be Queen Bey!

  • Marisa

    Ummm…i would die to win these!!

    Beyonce rocks a confidence level that noone else has. I envy her for a lot of reasons but her confidence is #1. She is a true performer and when I listen to her songs on my way to work I sometimes find myself cry-singing. SHE IS NOT HUMAN!

    Yes her wind machine helps her look extra beautiful but even if she didn’t have that, I would consider her flawless. Her hair, her style, her admiration for her family and the way she keeps her shit together is like no other.


  • Habiba

    Beyonce is the most beautiful woman in the industry right now because she has all the qualities that’s makes one beautiful. Being beautiful according to the American Webster dictionary is having qualities that delight the senses, especially the sense of sight.
    Beyonce does not only delight all 5 of our senses, she’s the Queen B of beauty, she has qualities that make her keep our souls alive- the ability to touch our souls and keep us going is a beautiful quality on it’s own without her undeniable aesthetic beauty, her powerful voice, her to kill for legs, her loyalty and love to her husband, being the best mother a child can ask for. Beyonce does all that and then she creates beautiful. She is not only beautiful, everything she has released including the most recent album yesterday- it’s beautiful because she is so beautiful it radiates off of her into everyone around her.
    That’s why I want to win a pair of tickets, to take in her beautiful presence and so that I can also feel beautiful because that’s what she does.
    Thank you,

  • Kelly S

    Beyonce is FIERCE (sasha fierce) with beauty that transcends her
    flawless skin and gorgeous hair. Her inner beauty and self-confidence is
    what really makes her shine. Beyonce is determined and courageous and is not afraid to take risks (i.e. cutting all that beautiful hair off). You can tell she has true passion for life and her music…and that’s just a beautiful thing!

  • KikiAnnaLeeB

    Beyoncé Isn’t just beautiful, she is inspiring, fantastic, fierce and loving. Her works of art are more then her singing, they are her sharing a piece of her with all her fans. There is nothing that this woman can’t do. She is a role model for every young girl, teen and adult. She is the queen. I pray that I will win tickets to see her because she is just so great.

  • Juhi

    Like Beyoncé’s new song ‘Flawless’, when isn’t she flawless or in this case beautiful:
    “You wake up, flawless, post up, flawless
    Ridin’ round in it, flawless, flossin’ on that, flawless
    This diamond, flawless, my diamond, flawless
    This rock, flawless, My Roc, flawless”

    As one of the most creative, powerful, inspiring, and innovative performers on this plant, every aspect of her oozes beauty.
    “Her talent, beautiful. Her women power, beautiful
    Her voice, beautiful. Her face, beautiful
    Her body, beautiful. Her poise, beautiful
    Her skin, hair, legs, fashion.

    This really is a trick question, because honestly, what doesn’t make Bey beautiful?

  • Ruthy

    What makes Bey beautiful? It’s more than her flawless looks. WHO Bey is,is beautiful. Someone who has soul for everything in her whole life. From her amazing family to her love for her music that she has given us to enjoy. She shares a part of herself which is inspiring to young woman like myself. Bey fierceness shows the true confidence of a proud beautiful woman. Even showing us, her fan what a role model should look like. Someone who is proud of her curves, her looks, and intelligence and embraces it. She is also one of the greatest triple threat of all time.Growing up listening to her I’ve seen her evolve into this beautiful young woman who humbles herself and appreciates her surroundings and takes pride of her accomplishments. She is independent, talented, classy, professional, a business woman, confident, successful, ambitious, driven, relentless, diva, fierce, inspiring, sexy, strong, and an amazing mother. I hope to be just as beautiful as her.Just like her song “God made you beautiful” I know it’s intended for Blue but on that note, God really did make Bey beautiful. I can honestly go on for days saying what makes Beyonce beautiful but it’s every little detail of who she is, is beautiful. From her loved ones to fans to her herself everything about Bey is beautiful.

    I hope I can win tickets and see my favorite artist in the world, she is my everything and I wish just once I could see the beauty which is Beyonce.

  • Neverfallapart

    What makes Bey beautiful? Everything about her. From inside out, she is beautiful and flawless! She’s fierce and she is a great role model for girls and woman of today’s society. She’s inspiring, talented, and also radiates confidence. She makes us proud and want to be how she is as a person.

  • ek03yr

    I followed the first 3 steps. Bey is beautiful because she uses her music to inspire others and has a positive message for her younger fans! In particular, my favourite song is “I Was Here”. I think we all want to have a purpose in life, and make our presence felt; this captures it perfectly!

  • Hannah

    Beyonce is beautiful for so many reasons. Of course, she is a gorgeous woman on the outside, but it is her internal qualities that makes her such a beautiful person. She is such a powerful person in the music industry, but she does not let her fame make herself lose sight of who she truly is. She is a kind, caring and incredible mother, and her maternal abilities are admirable. The thing I love most about Beyonce, and in my opinion truly makes her beautiful, is her confidence and ambition. Her work ethic is incredible and she is a huge inspiration for me. She has shown me that working hard really does pay off in the end, and that anyone has the power to be confident. Her strength has made me stronger and has made me want to be a better person and reach my goals. Love you Bey!

  • Alexis

    What makes Beyonce beautiful is because she owns who she is and just oozes flawlessness. She made horns on a song sexy again with Crazy in Love. She made everyone wants to have a sassy alter ego like she did with Sasha Fierce. Um… Single Ladies!!!! She dropped an album with no press/promo and crashed iTunes. She’s a boss, a diva and frankly the best human alive. email address:

  • Monique

    Beyoncé has been my role model, inspiration, and girl crush since I was 10
    years old. To me, every single aspect of this woman is beautiful. She has
    taught me so much through her music, lyrics and dance. Along with her
    philosophy and the way she carries her self with confidence, grace, and
    positive energy.

    WhenI first think of Bey’s beauty I think of her confidence. Just like Michael
    Jackson, she puts on the best performances in the music industry today because
    she owns that stage. Her dedication to striving for perfection, and being the
    best she can possibly be is beautiful. She exerts the message of finding what
    you love and being the best at it, and this is why she is my role model. She is
    the epitome of class, sophistication, and poise along with fierceness,
    sexiness, and sass. Her alter ego isn’t Sasha Fierce for nothing!

    She is beautiful because she is a feminist and she isn’t afraid to say it. So many
    other female artists put a negative connotation to the word ‘feminist’ but not
    Bey! She owns her femininity, loves girl power, and wants everyone to know
    girls and women are strong, powerful, independent, bosses, and that we RUN THE
    WORLD! Her band and dancers are all women (minus Les Twins of course), and I
    don’t know any other female artist who does this. She did it right: career,
    marriage, and children. “God Made You Beautiful” may be for Blue Ivy, but all
    her fans can personally relate. One
    of the biggest reasons that Bey is beautiful is that she teaches others to
    feel, and know that they are beautiful. Seriously, her new album talks about
    women owning their sexuality and if that isn’t a message about beauty and
    empowerment what is?

    She is beautiful because beyond her being goddess, and superhuman performer, beyond
    the glitz and glam of fame, she makes it very clear that she is human. The love
    she has for Jay and Blue is something she treasures. In her documentary, ‘Life
    is But a Dream’ she opens up to her fans. She laughs, she cries, she questions
    why god blessed her with her talent; she opens up about her miscarriage. Her
    down to earth honesty is beautiful as it shows she wants to connect to her

    She is beautiful because she’s always pushing the box, and being innovative. She is
    more than the triple-threat of dancing, singing, and even acting; she is her
    own brand, and corporation. In regard to her new album, she marketed it how she
    wanted, not caring about double standards. She doesn’t have to explain her
    message of women OWNING their body and sexuality. She has branded herself in a
    way that makes all fans proud. She is a work of art.

    She is beautiful because she BOOTYLICIOUS!! She’s got legs for days, can work any hair style, and has a flawless complexion, gorgeous eyes, and a smile that I would love to see on
    Monday! And she owns it all, and is down right proud of her body just as she
    should be. When H&M photo shopped her pictures in their advertisement, she
    called them out. Beyonce acknowledges that ‘beauty
    fades and the beauty from within is forever.’

    I would continue to go on and on explaining why I love Beyonce Knowles and why she is beautiful because she is one of my favourite things to talk about! To win these tickets, would be the best Christmas surprise ever. It really is great when contests like these are
    held, giving everyone who couldn’t afford or get their hands on tickets, an
    opportunity to see their Queen. So thank you very much!!! I have done all of
    the first three steps (retweeted every single tweet) and this is the final step.
    My email is

  • melissa semedo

    What makes Beyonce beautiful?
    1. Her smile -that can turn any “Broken Hearted Girl” frown into a smile as well. And make any boy fall “Crazy in Love”
    2. Her classiness – in an industry where entertainers are flashing their goods and showing as much skin as possible, “Diva” Beyonce knows how to look good without showing it all, and always stays classy and elegant)
    3. Her attitude I have never heard any terrible news about Beyonce in the media. I only hear about how much of a lovely person she is and how kind she is to her fans.
    4. Her positivity – A lot of her songs aim to send messages of positivity, ” God Made You Beautiful”, Run The World and that list goes on)
    5. She made men realize in “Single Ladies” that he should put a ring on it if he likes it.
    6. The fact that she is a new mommy and still finds time to do her music. This makes her more and more beautiful!
    7. She’s a role model – (Not just for grown women but also for younger girls)
    8. Her body – Beyonce is a curvy women and shows us girls that not everyone has to be a size 0 to be noticed
    9. Her flawless skin – I have seen photographs of Beyonce without makeup and she looks just as beautiful as she does with it on! She is a timeless and nature beauty
    10. I think Beyonce and her wonderful music will be with all of us till the “End of Time” , will continue to blow up the “Radio” with her beautiful voice, and will always be “Irreplaceable”!

    Thanks (not sure if you all noticed but the words in quotation marks are a few of her songs!!! I’m a huge fan!!!!”
    FB-melissa dacruz S
    twitter – @MelissaDacruzz (did all three)

    • rav

      Bey is beautiful because she inspires women like me to love themselves. She is such a powerful voice for women and i adore her for everything shes done for us!

  • Steve

    The true way to tell the beauty of Beyonce is the window into her soul. Through her art and outreach projects, there stands a portrait of someone who is truly beautiful. An inspiration to many and able to touch so many lives, Beyonce holds a heart of gold.

  • Jashley Da Cruz

    Beyoncé…her name itself makes her beautiful!
    The fact that she keeps her private life., private makes her beautiful
    Her incredible style makes her beautiful
    Her talent and voice make her beautiful
    The lyrics of her songs all have a good message & inspire her fans; that makes her beautiful
    Motherhood made her even more beautiful
    Her curves & ability to not be Hollywood skinny makes her beautiful
    She’s just beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside
    && the fact that she just released a new album with a 17 videos MAKES HER BEAUTIFUL
    I’m sure I could ramble on and on about what makes Beyoncé beautiful, but theses are just a few. I would absolutely LOVE to see her perform on Monday :) I’m one of her many fans & getting tickets to see her would be the best gift this year!!!
    P.s. I’ve retweeted, like you on Facebook, liked your post, commented & shared :) :) :)

  • Betty Wondimu

    ******NOTICE: I’ve followed all three preceding steps. Now on to the fourth. Hopefully I still have a winning chance at these tickets. Not only would I be the HAPPIEST girl in the world, but also forever grateful for the opportunity. Saying I’m a huge fan of this woman is an understatement. I pray to sweet, sweet baby Jesus that you’ll pick me. Here’s why:

    Beyonce’s beautiful because she has stayed true to who she is since day one. How do I know? Well I can’t say I do for sure. But what I do know is I’ve followed this woman since her very early days in Destiny’s Child. Circa 1993 (which coincidently is the year I was born). Throughout her career, she’s always been the most humble icon-in-the-making ever. No matter how many grammy’s or honours she’s received, Beyonce keeps pushing for bigger and better while crediting everyone around her with grace. She’s been blessed with a voice of an angel and the moves of a vixen. I always say she mothered my love for music and dance, as well as the loves of millions of others across the world. She’s one of the few popular artists that stood the breadth of time (10+ years in the industry) and managed to only shine brighter and brighter with success. Unlike many artists, she keeps her private life out of the public eye. Beyonce’s beautiful because her main focus is delivering MUSIC to her fans. No strings or scandals attached. Beyonce fans can always present their love for her proudly because the woman ALWAYS delivers 120%. And don’t even get me started on aesthetics. Baby’s a bombshell. But none of that matters. At the end of it all, Beyonce is most beautiful because she balances being an incredible artist, flawless role model and family member while still remaining SO humble. That fact in itself speaks bounds about who she is as a person. A workaholic. A people-pleaser. An icon.

    Please make sure to check out my twitter handle @HeyBetty_ in which I tweet about Bey 24/7 (Be sure to check out yesterday’s tweets!) Thank you for considering me to win these tickets. If you picked me, I’d love you forever and ever. (and ever.) BETTYWONDIMU@GMAIL.COM

  • keisha brown

    what makes her beautiful is that she embodies womanhood.

    she’s had to support friends through abusive relationships, she’s had to watch her parents divorce and forgive them, she’s fallen in love, she’s suffered heartbreaking loss, she’s now more fearless than ever as she hits her stride. she doesn’t seek approval, she owns her body/sexuality, she’s a mother. she’s contradictory. she’s human. she could be a sister, cousin or a friend. and that’s why so many people love her.

    she is who she is. true beauty really does come through from the inside out.

    as for physical beauty, whether she’s chopping the locs, hanging out makeup free with her family or one of the 17 different looks she just showed us in the new vids – she always serves FACE!!!

  • Em

    Beyonce is beautiful because she knew she was a star from when she was little and she kept true to herself. She is one strong woman. Never allowing the media to ever break her down. She gives her fans a piece of her life with everything that she does

    all four steps have now been completed :)
    hope you have a fantastic day Helen!

  • Colleen Cole

    I think the thing that makes Beyoncé beautiful is her confidence in herself. She isn’t worried about her “imperfections” like some artists are. She embraces herself and her natural shape and that self love shines through. Beyoncé is and excellent role model. And a beautiful woman.

  • Tamara Sestanj

    Beyonce is beautiful because she’s confident and takes pride in being a woman. She proves that women can be just as strong as men, and that our gender should not limit us.

  • Queenie

    I think what makes Beyonce beautiful is her ability to empower women across the world. I remember when I first heard the song Independent Women by Destiny’s Child, I was inspired to work hard to support myself and not rely on a ‘man’ to buy me things. I still recall the chorus:
    All the women who are independent
    Throw your hands up at me!
    All the honey’s who makin’ money
    Throw your hands up at me!

    She is clearly staying true to her words, as even after marrying Jay-Z, who is very successful in his own right, she continues to work hard and strive for something on the next level. You’d think that after having a baby she’d slow down a bit, but no – she drops her newest self-titled album ‘Beyonce’ without warning on the Friday the 13th just past, causing shock waves across social media! I’ve been listening to the album non-stop ever since! She is truly the Queen Bey. (Single Ladies dance break!)
    But what I love about her most, and what makes her truly beautiful is her ability to bounce back from tragedy. When she shared that she had a miscarriage back in 2010, it was a defining moment as she showed us that she is human and still faces challenges like all of us. For a woman in her position and influence, it is important to let other women know that not everything is so wonderful all the time. I truly admire her for her strength as I am sure growing up in the music business was not easy. Even after more than 15 years in the music business,she continues to push boundaries and create new and beautiful things. I can’t wait to see what does does next!

  • Annette C.

    Her confidence, ambition, strength, & resilience in such a tough industry. The other day the topic of discussion was that Britney Spears & Beyonce were the same age, born only a few months apart, and how different their lives turned out.

  • Connor Malbeuf

    Beyoncé is beauty. Yes, she has the flawless skin, the incredible body and hair, she is also beautiful on the inside.
    Her beauty stems from her voice. The voice used around the world to inspire people to be who they are. She is an inspiration as she cares for those unfortunate and those in need. Beyoncé is not just there for herself, she does it for the millions of fans dedicated to her. She has genuinely changed my life for the better.

    I don’t know how my life would change even more at the concert. It would honestly mean the world.

  • Sandy Trojansek

    She is stunning, but her inner beauty is what makes her truly shine!

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