Veet vs. Nair

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Veet vs. Nair

Winner: Nair Brazillian Spa Clay Hair Removal Shower Power Cream, $16 at Shoppers Drug Mart

My waxing lady is going to kill me. But after seeing her for three years for monthly bikini waxes, and experiencing those annoying post-wax ingrowns, I knew I had to give my bikini area (and wallet) a break. Now I’ve never been a big fan of depilatory creams because they tend to leave my skin itchy and red afterwards, they stink, and regrowth is faster – but they do a decent job if you need to be bare down there quick.

Like if Bradley Cooper called to say, let’s hit the hot tub tonight. Swoon!

Veet’s bikini hair removal kit has always been my standby in case that happened…or realistically when I couldn’t make it across the city to see waxing lady. The Veet kit consists of the hair remover cream, a plastic spatula, and an after care cream. It’s a pretty involved process: You apply the depilatory cream directly onto the skin with the spatula, spreading the cream evenly to fully cover the hair; wait ten awkward minutes, then scrape off the fuzz with the spatula; apply the post-care cream; then wash off the spatula and stuff it back into the box along with the other two tubes. Quite a production, right? I always wished that depilatory cream systems would get better with time, like smart phones.

Then last Spring, my wish came true when a PR company sent me the Nair Brazillian Spa Clay Shower Power for review. There are so many pros about this product:

  • the convenient pump bottle is easier to use
  • less wait time
  • no funky smell (it combines mango butter and açai berry)
  • smoother results

Instead of waiting for ten minutes, which I did mostly standing up half naked reading a magazine (you can’t sit, obvi), you apply the cream on the hair and let it set for just one minute. Then you hop in the shower and do your thang – wash your hair, scrub your face, belt out a song – for two minutes before rinsing the cream off with a sponge (one is included). And that’s it! No strange spatula or after care cream involved. Just three minutes to hair-free lady parts. The product’s description couldn’t be any simpler: Just smooth on before stepping into the shower and step out with silky skin that lasts days longer than shaving. This thing is like the iPhone 5 of depilatory creams. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever got around without it.

  • Dee

    Question- I’ve used nair hair removal before and I found it to be quite chemical / toxic to my skin. Did you find this product to be more natural / less chemical? More skin friendly?

    • Helen Vong

      Hi Dee, I’ve also had chemical burns to older Nair products before on other areas, like on the upper lip and arms. Because of my past horror stories, I was scared to try this product at first. But it seems like this spa clay one seems to be a newer formula that is super gentle to the skin down there. I’ve been using it for three months now.

  • Mama Fashionista

    Oh! I HAVE to try that Nair! I hope they have that formula in the states!

  • KG

    Hi Helen! Thanks for the review! How were the ingrowns after??

    • Helen Vong

      Definitely less than when I was waxing, but since writing this post, I’ve been undergoing laser hair removal to permanently rid of ingrowns.

  • Jestine

    How long until the hair starts to be visible again and does it need to be a certain length before use?

  • CC Vixen

    Do you think it can be usedon the face, as well? I have gotten severe burns on my face with nair in the past.

    • AH

      Nair has the brazilian spa clay face trio that works amazingly and doesn’t burn against my skin

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