Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

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Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

Holy smokes. I am blown away by the laser hair removal machine at DLK on Avenue.  It is so blazingly fast and painless. Absolutely painless!

I went in to treat my underarms for an upcoming Caribbean cruise in February. I was mentally preparing myself for the zaps with some serious deep breathing exercises, gleaned from my yoga classes. Ha. You see, my previous experiences with laser hair removal have not been pleasant:

  • Last year I had six sessions of underarm hair removal using a radio frequency laser at a medical spa in the Yonge and Eglinton area. It was very painful, even despite the fact that they held a cooling fan over the skin throughout the session. My results were okay but the hair grew back gradually and now it looks like I didn’t do a thing at all.
  • I’ve also been testing-driving the TRIA at-home laser remover for a few months now, which has yielded ho-hum results. It’s partly because I’m too lazy to use it every few days, as directed, but it’s mostly because it also hurts!
I had just about given up on laser hair removal altogether and was ready to subject myself to a lifetime of shaving, but DLK’s machine has give me hair-free hope!

My Experience

The medical aesthetician, Lindsay, made me put on goggles while she turned on The LightSheer DUET. This machine uses high speed diode lasers with vacuum-assist technology to remove unwanted hair, with more comfort than other methods such as IPL and the aforementioned radio frequency. No cooling fan or numbing gel needed!

Before Lindsey made the first pass on my right underarm, I shut my eyes with dread. I breathed in, felt a mild pull to the skin, breathed out, opened my eyes and Lindsay said “that’s it.” That was one pass. “Are you serious?” I replied in shock.

She did about ten passes under each arm pit, which took less than 5 minutes. I couldn’t believe it; I didn’t flinch at all throughout. How is this possible? Lindsay explained that The LightSheer DUET kind of tricks your brain into forgetting about the zap sensation because it’s busy processing the sucking sensation of the vacuum head.

The large spot size and vacuum-assist head makes removal quick and painless.


You may not fully appreciate this distraction-trick unless you’ve had other types of lasers used on you, where your mind is busy processing PAIN. Not fun.

In order to get fuzz-free for St. Maarten, I booked myself in for my next round in 4 weeks, as per my medical aesthetician. I’ll probably need a couple more sessions after that, spaced a month apart. I’m even thinking about doing my upper lip – an ultra sensitive area for me, but I feel really confident in the staff at DLK on Avenue and their AMAZING SUCTION MACHINE. It’s a game changer!


Prices start at $200 per treatment.


  • khuang

    Sounds pretty awesome if you ask me. What is the cost to have these treatments done? What’s the cost for the at home kit? What kind of pain on the pain o meter are we talking about for the at home kit?

    • Helen

      I just did my underarms so it was around $200 plus taxes, while the Tria at-home laser is $400 plus taxes. But the Tria doesn’t have that vacuum-assissted feature so it’s certainly not as comfortable to use. It delivers a heated zap; I would rate the sensation right down the middle as “mild snapping” of rubbing bands against your skin. Keep in mind that it is a much lower powered version of office machines so it would take longer to work; you have to use it almost daily for about eight months. I didn’t get any noticeable results with the Tria, but then again, I wasn’t as diligent as needed.

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