Toner, Serum or Cream?

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If you’re not sure which products to use and in what order,
Toronto dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett helps you sort out your skincare

Step1: Use a cleanser
with exfoliating beads to get a better cleanse. If you use eye makeup
remover, use it after you cleanse, as most of the time a cleanser will
remove makeup as well.

Step 2: Use your
treatment cream or serum next. This can be an acne treatment,
anti-aging product or a vitamin-based treatment such as A or C. “You
want the active product to be on clean skin so it can penetrate
easier,” says Dr. Kellett

Step 3: If you’re not
going to use a treatment cream, use a toner after cleansing. But
refrain from using a toner after a treatment cream.

Step 4: In the morning, apply a sunblock after the treatment. You may want to use a moisturizer underneath your skin feels dry.

Step 5: In the evening, skip the sunblock and apply a moisturizer.

From Weekly Scoop Magazine, January 9, 2006

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