The Doctor Is In – Men’s Skin Care Basics

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Cosmetics Magazine: Why is taking good care of the skin so
important? And, is it really that important for men?
Dr. Lisa
  The main reason to take care of skin is to preserve
it’s function. The skin is a protective barrier that acts to block radiation,
inhibit water loss, prevent infection, regulate temperature, and it plays an
important role in the immune system. And, it’s a visible organ that reflects
our overall health- many people care for their skin for the sake of appearance.
Good skin care is as important for men as it is for women for the sake of skin
function at least.

Cosmetics Magazine:
Can you suggest a good, basic skin care routine that a man would
actually perform?
Dr. Lisa
absolute basic skin care regimen for a man is to wash skin at least once a day
and apply sun block every morning. If he tends to have dry skin, he should use
a moisturizer.   

Cosmetics Magazine: What is the most important aspect of skin care?
Dr. Lisa
protection applied every day, year round.

Cosmetics Magazine:
You mentioned earlier that good skin care is as important for men as it
is for women. Have you found that men are becoming more interested in taking
care of their skin?
Dr. Lisa
they are, because they’re realizing that their overall health is reflected in
their skin and they want to look that way. Also, many men believe that a vital,
healthy appearance gives them an edge in their professional lives.

Cosmetics Magazine:
Men who are too shy or embarrassed to buy their own skin care products
sometimes use their wives’ or girlfriends’- is this a good idea?
Dr. Lisa
individual has different needs and, as such, I recommend that patients use
products specific to their own skin care needs. However, if a man borrowing his
partners products results in him taking better care of his skin (wearing sun
protection which he normally wouldn’t do, for instance), then it’s a good

Cosmetics Magazine:
What are the biggest mistakes men make when shaving, and how can they be
Dr. Lisa
biggest mistake is shaving against the direction of hair growth. Why? Because
it can be irritating and often leads to secondary infection. For men
experiencing this, I suggest shaving in the direction of hair growth and using
a good, appropriate post-shave treatment. If skin is dry, choose a cream
product fortified with sun screen, oily skin would do better with a gel
moisturizer also formulated with sunscreen. Skin that’s prone to ingrown hairs
or infections will do best if you an antibacterial wash before and after

From Cosmetics Magazine, September-October 2007
By Alix Fuller

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