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Deconstructing Snoxin

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Can a $39 wrinkle-fighting serum live up to its bold claims?

What happened to her face?

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At age 40, Cameron Diaz is looking a bit weathered these days.

The Fit Woman’s Dilemma

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Truth: Fitness can be cruel to your face by the time you hit 40.

The Skiny on Botox

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You will not look like Nicole Kidman. This, and other answers to your questions about Botox.

Green tea for skin

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The skin benefits of green tea.


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Move over Botox! There’s a new wrinkle smoother in town. Details here.

What to ask before getting a laser treatment

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Don’t get burnt. Many medi-spas operate without any regulatory body or professional supervision in many provinces.

Age-Proof Your Eyes

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At 54, Michelle Pfieiffer’s peepers look like they have not aged a day past 35. We tend to forget how sensitive and vulnerable the eye area can be. Here’s a reminder!

How to combat aging and acne

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Like awkward first kisses and gossipy mean girls, acne is one of those teenage inevitabilities that you hope, with time, mercifully fades into memory. Yet a new study by the American Academy of Dermatology proves that those post-teen years are not quite as forgiving to our skin. The report found that adult acne is actually becoming more common in women as they enter their 20s and 30s—another biological injustice of aging.

We’ll take the wisdom that comes with getting older any day, but to cope with the resurgence of inflamed, red acne breakouts, we talked to Dr. Lisa Kellett, a dermatologist at DLK On Avenue in Toronto, for her expert skin-clearing advice. Bonus: Our best bets for products to help reignite that youthful glow.

Skin care tip #1: Look for a double shot of anti-aging and acne treatment.
The fact that 45 per cent of women aged 21 to 30 face regular breakouts while incorporating anti-aging precautions into their beauty regimen is one of those cruel ironies of skin care. The takeaway? Find one product to solve your complexion dilemma. “When it comes to anti-aging skin care, don’t use a product that’s too rich,” advises Kellett. Avoid dense, pore-clogging face creams and lotions … Read More »

Battle Royale

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Feel like you’re at war with your skin? One minute you’re dealing with crow’s feet and the next you’re fighting a volcano-size pimple on your chin. Arm yourself with our guide to banishing blemishes and fine lines for your most flawless face ever.

You graduated high school years ago, so why is there a trail of pimples along your chin, jaw line and neck? “Adult acne is usually caused by a combination of factors, including stress and hormone fluctuations,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett, a dermatologist at DLK on Avenue in Toronto. But the most common reason that her patients come in with nagging breakouts? A change in skincare products – the culprit often being wrinkle cream. “While anti-aging products are effective at reducing fine lines and firming up sagging skin, the rich consistency of these creams can clog pores and cause blemishes for some people,” she says. If you notice a breakout after introducing a new product to your regime, put it on hold until you’re sure that it’s not to blame. Kellett also advises booking a visit with your dermatologist a breakout persists beyond a month – a full skin analysis will get root of the problem.

PREP YOUR SKIN … Read More »

How to get Gorgeous Wedding Day Skin

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Dr. Lisa Kellett, owner of Toronto’s DLK on Avenue, is quite simply the best when it comes to skincare. She’s my go-to-guru for perfect skin. She always prescribes just the right treatment and product to put my skin in fighting form. Two days before my wedding, I had an Oxygen Facial at DLK (Madonna is said to be a huge fan of them) and I can tell you my skin never looked better as I walked down the aisle. I recently nabbed a few minutes with Dr. Kellett to chat pre-wedding skin issues—here’s her sage and savvy advice.

1.What is the number one skin concern you hear from brides?
“Acne! Adult acne in women is quite common in general and especially with the stress of an upcoming wedding many brides do suffer from acne.”

2. Solution(s) to adult acne?
“There are many treatments available to treat acne depending on the severity, patient characteristics and time line. One of the most important first steps is to use proper daily home care. This means starting with a gentle, non-foaming exfoliating cleanser once to twice a day. A benzoyl peroxide in a gel moisturizer is a solid mainstay for acne treatment as it … Read More »

Save Our Skin!

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We all want Elle Fanning’s skin: Young, taut, clear, lineless.

Hey, she’s 13 and apparently still acne free.

Get back to me when you’re 40, Elle.

Unless we take precautions, we’re all bound to end up with skin like the Corinthian leather seats Ricardo Montalban used to extol in those 1970s Chrysler Cordoba ads.
This is an SOS: Save Our Skin.

“Beautiful takes attention and dedication,” says Nahla Saad, creative director at Noor boutique, the only purveyor in Toronto of the Erno Laszlo line of skin-care products.

In the 1920s, Dr. Erno Laszlo (1897-1973), a Hungarian dermatologist, treated Princess Stephanie of Belgium for acute acne. Because she refused to wear heavy make-up, Laszlo created a special treatment including a transparent film of colouring that transformed her skin and restored her self-esteem. This attracted an aristocratic clientele and prompted Laszlo to open his first institute in Budapest in 1927.

“Dr Laszlo was nothing short of a revolutionary,” Saad says. “He caused a commotion when he insisted that his patients cleanse their faces with cleansing bars/soaps and water instead of the then popular cold creams. He was also one of the earliest specialists to observe that climate change and sun exposure can wreak havoc on the skin.”

In 1939, Laszlo … Read More »

Truth about Anti-Aging Creams

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You’re not getting older, you’re getting better. Well, maybe. But your skin’s also getting more wrinkly, thinner and dried out, and dermatologists say that even a truckload of over-the-counter anti-aging creams and lotions won’t do much to halt the Mother Theresa look.

“There’s some cursory evidence that (the ingredients of anti-aging creams) used in a test tube and animal model may have an effect,” says Dr. Jason Rivers, a Vancouver dermatologist and professor in the University of British Columbia’s department of medicine. “You can show molecular changes or production of collagen (a key component of skin, collagen changes with age, causing the skin to wrinkle). But whether that translates into an actual clinical result is another issue altogether.”

Products with retinol or vitamin C may stimulate collagen or improve skin appearance, says Rivers. But the effect is “mild and takes a long time.”

In fact, a 2007 Consumer Reports study found that even the top-rated anti-aging potions applied for 12 weeks reduced the average depth of wrinkles by less than 10 per cent. That amount is barely visible to the naked eye, according to the magazine.

And just to deepen those furrows of consternation between your eyebrows, the study also concluded that there was … Read More »

Ask a Dermatologist – Decoding Wrinkles

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Tackling wrinkles is a priority for many Canadian consumers. Our resident dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Kellett offers a crash course in understanding wrinkles.

Cosmetics: To start, what are embryonic wrinkles and how do they form?

Dr. Lisa Kellett: Fetal wrinkles commonly known as embryonic wrinkles occur during development in the uterus. They are seen in areas of natural folds such as the neck and palms.

Cosmetics: What are permanent wrinkles and when do they usually form on the face?

DLK: Permanent wrinkles can be fetal or they can occur as a result of skin laxity (eg. Nasolabial folds) or frequent movement (crow’s feet). They are usually seen more often in patients over the age of 30 and become more pronounced with age.

Cosmetics: What are reversible wrinkles?

DLK: They are expressive wrinkles that can be treated with Botox to cause a decrease in expressive muscle movement resulting in softening of wrinkles.

Cosmetics: We know that Retinol is a great anti-aging ingredient. But can you tell us about the variations on the molecule?

DLK: There are many forms of Vitamin A including tretinoin, isotretinion, and Retinol. Retinol is better tolerated as it is not as irritating as its cousins above.

Cosmetics: … Read More »

Non-surgical Treatments to Melt Body Fat Fast and more

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Muffin top, spare tire, love handles- cute names, yes, but the real thing isn’t. There’s hope for those hard to tone deposits of fat around the midsection. UltraShape and Synergie offers a two step non-invasive cosmetic procedure that melts and drains away fat to about 2 to 3 centimeters, or one pant size smaller. “First, a focal ultrasound–UltraShape–targets the fat cells, breaks them open and releases the fat,” explains Toronto-based Dr. Lisa Kellett, the first cosmetic dermatologist in Canada to offer the procedure. Discomfort is minimal–a gel is place on the area and you’ll feel merely a tingly sensation. Then, the “free” fat is metabolized by the liver and liquefied.

Says Kellett: “Synergie–lymphatic massage–is then used to stimulate the lymphatic system and drain the fat away from the area.” She also qualifies that the procedure reduces fat, not weight. Cost: $800 to $1,000, depending on the surface area.


Juvederm and Radiesse are two hyaluronic acid-based injectable fillers both correct facial folds and crease–results for the former lasting 6 to 12 months, the later, 4 to 6–and deliver similar results. Juvederm is currently being use to build volume in lips, cheekbones and chin. “It’s preferred over a chin or cheek implant because … Read More »

How to fight Wrinkles and Pimples

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How to fight pimples in the teenage years and wrinkles and pimples in the menopausal years.

Common Cosmetic Procedures Explained

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Cosmetics Magazine: What are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures to treat lines and wrinkles?

Dr. Lisa Kellett: Botox, fillers, laser and Intense Pulsed Light treatments.

Cosmetics Magazine: What is Botox, and how does it work?

Dr. Lisa Kellett: It’s an injectible that acts to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles and furrows like vertical frown lines between the eyes, squint lines, crows’ feet, upper lip lines, neck lines and forehead lines. So, you have less noticeable expression lines and no new wrinkles while the effects last which is about three to four months. There aren’t any permanent side effects. There aren’t any permanent side effects. The injectible wears off and as soon as it does, you can book another one. It takes about 15 minutes, costs approximately $120 and up, and you walk out of the doctor’s office immediately after the procedure.

Cosmetics Magazine: What about fillers?

Dr. Lisa Kellett: These are also injectibles, gel-like substances like collagen, hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapetite used to fill in lines and wrinkles that don’t go away when you relax your face. We also use them to fill in cheeks that have become a bit hollow through age, augment a too-small chin and otherwise recontour the face. They’re also good for dark hollows under the eyes and lip augmentations. Results depend … Read More »

Wrinkle creams and spin doctors

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Spin doctors push the myth of an end to ageing. You have to admire British wit. Only in the United Kingdom would you find a TV ad for a wrinkle cream that admits there’s no proof the stuff works. The product was L’Oreal’s Wrinkle De-Crease. The company launched it a couple of years ago, touting a study that claimed 76% of women who tried it reported a visible reduction in their expression lines. It said its active ingredient, Boswelox, counteracts skin micro-contractions and could rapidly reduce wrinkles.

If you’re not distracted by images of spokesmodel Claudia Schiffer mugging for the camera, you might notice the disclaimer: The results apply only to isolated skin tissue in lab tests.

How to treat adult acne

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Like most women, you probably thought the days of worrying about blemishes faded along with memories of the senior prom. Yet, post-pubescent breakouts are as common as the all-too-fast-appearing signs of aging. According to Dr. Lisa Kellett, a Toronto-based cosmetic dermatologist, nearly half of North American women over 25 have to battle with adult acne and crow’s feet.

Acne 101
Adult acne can mean one small pimple during the menstrual cycle or constant breakouts along the chin, jawline, temple areas and/or the T-Zone. “The presence of blackheads is the first grade of acne. This is where it
starts,” says Kellett. She describes blackheads as the black dots of oil-clogged pores on the nose, chin and cheeks. Other breakouts include whiteheads (small bumps filled with white pustules) and papules (closed-over pores that are red and bumplike). Painful cysts or nodules (filled with oil) are hard bumps with deeper inflammation than pustules. According to Leanne McCliske, Dermalogica’s education manager, acne can range from grade one to grade four. Grade one is mild and includes blackheads and whiteheads; grade four is more serious, including papules, pustules, cysts and nodules.

Spot Check
To combat both wrinkles and acne, choose skin care products that multi-task. Try the Yves Rocher Pro-Retinol 100% Vegetal Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish line, which combines pro-retinol (to minimize lines) and
salicylic acid (to zap zits). “Look for water-based, … Read More »