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Celebrities with Skin Problems

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Psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, etc.

April Trends

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Recycling, Rosacea, and Botox.

Hair of the dog

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Your post-booze recovery.

I got 5 photofacials

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How Brandi Gagnon saved her skin.

Skin Care Basics

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3 Steps for women and men.

Rob Ford: Red in the Face

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Our ruddy-faced mayor has 99 problems, including rosacea.

Treating rosacea

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(2011) Canadian dermatologists have had one more therapeutic option available for use in their Rosacea patients, following approval last summer of azelaic acid 15%.

“It seems to be working well,” says Dr. Lyn Guenther, a professor in the department of medicine at the University of Western Ontario and a dermatologist in private practice in London, Ont. “There is not one therapy that works in 100 per cent of patients 100 per cent of the time. For some people, a treatment like metronidazole may not be sufficient. It is nice to have another option.” Dr. Guenther notes some patients are very loath to taking oral antibiotics and want to try all possible topical agents before resorting to oral antibiotics.

Azelaic acid gel (15%), is a topical therapy designed to address the inflammatory papules, pustules and flushing or redness that characterizes papulopustular rosacea. Two randomized, placebo-controlled trails of the azelaic acid gel conducted in the U.S. demonstrated a reduction in redness and swelling in rosacea patients and demonstrated that the topical therapy was well-tolerated.

Finacea can be used as monotherapy to treat the papulaes, pustules, and redness associated with rosacea or it can be used in combination with therapies such as metronidazole, which is available … Read More »

All types of breakouts

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Whether it’s acne, rosacea or psoriasis, there is plenty that can be done to treat these conditions and help you look and feel your best. We’ve asked Dr. Lisa Kellett to explain how best to manage your skin care regime.