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I love Latisse

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Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks is the new face of Latisse. “I had always been curious about it because my lashes are puny”

How to get younger looking eyes

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“The most important thing I tell (my patients) is that there’s no use in treating them with anything if they’re not going to protect it,” says Kellett, a dermatologist at DLK on Avenue in Toronto.

How to prevent your eyes from aging

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When it comes to sun protection, one area that is especially important to protect is the skin around your eyes, which is 10 times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face.

“Because of the thinness of it, it’s more susceptible to things like eczema or dermatitis, things like irritation and also to aging,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett, a dermatologist at DLK on Avenue and member of the Canadian Dermatology Association.

Damage from the sun can appear on the face as fine lines, skin sagging and even brown coloured sun spots, all of which can make you appear older than you really are.

According to a Leger Marketing survey, forty per cent of women say their eyes are the facial feature that has aged the most. So what can you do to prevent it?

The most important thing you can do to prevent the appearance of aging is to wear sunscreen every day, year round, says Kellett. “You can also use sunglasses that have UVA/UVB filters.”

She also says that people can use a cream containing a 1% solution of vitamin A (also known as retinol) applied to the eye area at night, while also using a cream containing a 35% vitamin C … Read More »

Non-surgical ways to turn back the clock

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Canadian Beauty and Spa interviewed Dr. Lisa Kellett on the latest skin treatments and fillers.

Non-surgical treatments abound these days to help us maintain a youthful appearance; going ‘under the knife’ is no longer a necessity in the anti-aging arena, we have options. To find out what’s new and what works best, we interviewed Dr. Lisa Kellett M.D., F.R.C.P.(C), D.A.B.D. from DLK on Avenue Cosmetic Clinic in Toronto, specializing in non-surgical and cosmetic treatments.

B&S team: What can be done about sun damage or other pigment problems?
DLK: Intense pulsed light (IPL) is an effective procedure that treats sun damage and other pigment problems like brown spots. ProFractional laser also reduces brown spots. Dermamelan is a new treatment program that works for deeper dermal pigment such as that seen in Melasma.

B&S team: What is the latest product/treatment in anti-aging skin treatments?
DLK: There are very exciting advances in the field of non surgical skin tightening using the CPT Thermage which stimulates collage and helps to tighten skin. It allows tightening of the face and neck, stomach, legs and eyes without surgery and it is very efficacious. There are also new state-of-the-art injectable treatments available that restore lost volume and help to lift the skin … Read More »

How to get longer eyelashes fast

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With lash-enhancing products and treatments popping up everywhere and at every price point, you don’t have to go to great lengths to get the luscious lashes you’ve been longing for.

Got fair-hued lashes?
You have options: head into the spa for an eyelash tint treatment, a 20- minute procedure done by an esthetician using vegetable dyes in shades ranging from brown to black or to more dramatic blue-black. Results can last up to three weeks, depending on the speed of your hair growth. Or mimic the effect with new semi permanent mascaras.
HIGH: RVB 15-Day wear ($40, available at intercosmetics.ca)
LOW: Hard candy 4 day lash tint ($7, at Walmart)

“Often, when I’m applying mascara, I want to define the lashes first, then, for a more dramatic look, I apply a second coat of mascara using a big bristle brush,” says Brittany Sinclair, a M.A.C makeup artist in Toronto. Look for double–headed mascaras to give you that two step process in one.
HIGH: M.A.C Haute & Naughty Lash ($23, M.A.C)
LOW: L’Oreal Double Extend mascara ($14, at Shoppers Drug Mart)

Latisse is the only prescription eyelash–growth product that contains bimatoprost, an active ingredient for treating hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough … Read More »

How to get younger looking eyes

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For millennia, women have searched for ways to give their eyes — especially those all-important eyelashes — drama, depth and show-stopping power. From mascara to eyelash tinting to lash extensions and, recently, more over-the-counter eyelash conditioners, women throughout the ages have gone to great lengths for great lashes.

The result of this centuries-old search for more beautiful and compelling eyes has made the eye makeup category number one in the Canadian cosmetic market, accounting for 20% of all cosmetic sales, according to the 2009 Coty Trends Report.

“Beginning with the ancient Egyptians who used kohl, a powdery mixture of soot and metal, to define their eyes and eyebrows, women have always wanted long and full lashes,” says Karen Malcolm, a Calgary-based professional makeup artist with shows such as the Junos, the Geminis and the Country Music Awards to her credit.

Research has also shown that 54% of Canadian women want to be able to grow their own eyelashes longer, thicker and darker. As well, according to research, having luscious lashes makes women feel more beautiful, glamorous and confident.

So it’s no surprise that many women’s beauty kits are stocked with tools and products that help them achieve eye-catching illusions.

For example, eyelash curlers are effective at … Read More »

Lust for lashes

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For most of her life, Winnipegger Lorrie Sudoski has been on a quest for long, sweeping eyelashes — the kind of “big, bold, look-at-me lashes” she’s seen Hollywood starlet Drew Barrymore coo about in her Cover Girl ads.

But despite trying countless tubes of mascara from Cover Girl and other major brands, Sudoski never got the look she wanted.

So now it’s go-big or go-home time for the St. James resident who has pinned all her hopes on Latisse. The drug has been available at doctors’ offices in Canada for just over a week. Latisse is manufactured by California-based Allergan, the same company that makes Botox.

Latisse is really a rebranding of Lumigan, a drug used in Canada since 2002 to treat glaucoma, a serious eye disease that causes elevated pressure in the eye. Left untreated, glaucoma can lead to blindness. Lumigan works by lowering eye pressure.

Before the development of Latisse, glaucoma patients using Lumigan noticed their eyelashes growing longer and thicker. Many would ask their ophthalmologists if they could apply Lumigan, a drop, in their non-diseased eye to even out lash growth.

Allergan decided to turn a not-completely-understood side effect into the profit-making Latisse. It’s been available in the United States since 2008. … Read More »

Fine lines around eyes

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Expert Dr. Lisa Kellett, dermatologist

Q: I’m noticing fine lines around my eyes. How can I prevent them from getting worse?

A: “When you’re outside, always wear a hat and sunglasses to prevent squinting,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue. “Wear a face cream that has an SPF of 30 or higher all year long, and use an eye cream that contains either vitamin A or C–both are antioxidants that fight sun damage. Professionally, Botox injections can be used to relax the muscles that lead to crow’s feet; results last about four months. For longer-lasting results, a derm can perform Thermage, a procedure that uses radio frequency to tighten the collagen around the eyes, or use an erbium laser to gently burn off the lined skin and firm the eye area.”

–From “Beauty News – Fine Lines”, Elle Canada, October, 2007

Dr. Kellett’s top tips for ageless eyes

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The latest ways to keep that delicate under-eye area from betraying your years.

Why Sun Damage Can Cause Wrinkles Around Your Eyes

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Why Sun Damage Can Cause Wrinkles Around Your Eyes