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Turkey Neck Be Gone!

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Get rid of your double chin!

Fuller Perkier Breasts

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Check out the before and afters

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Dr. Peter Bray gives his verdict

Get Summer-Ready

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VIDEO: What to get now!

Should I get CoolSculpting?

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Dr. Frank Lista answers!

WTY?! Veiny legs

Dr. Lisa Kellett to the rescue!

Compression Leggings

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Gorgeous gams by summer?

Body Talk

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Do contouring treatments work?

Non-surgical body contouring trims stubborn areas of fat

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Even the most dedicated gym rat knows those stubborn areas can be a problem—the saddle bags, the little belly that won’t go away no matter how many miles are logged on the StairMaster.

For about five years, Canadians who are slightly apple or pear-shaped have had a weapon to battle those trouble zones that their American counterparts have been waiting for—non-surgical body sculpting.

Using ultrasound, body sculpting zaps fat cells, creating a slimmer silhouette. There’s no anesthetic and it takes about 90 minutes.

“For the right candidate, it’s a good treatment. It’s not for fat, it’s for body shaping,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett, a cosmetic dermatologist in Toronto who has been offering the treatment for about five years.

Body sculpting targets small areas of fat cells — sometimes 600 or 700. It tackles subcutaneous fat, not the deeper variety.

Typically, it takes three sessions two weeks apart to complete, at a cost of about $800 a session, says Kellett. In the end, most patients are about one size smaller.

The ideal candidate for the treatment is fit and healthy, but merely has these stubborn areas. Some patients opt for the treatment after liposuction for body shaping, says Kellett.

“You actually map out the area you want to … Read More »


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The Skiny on UltraShape skin tightening.

The new liposuction

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Aside from absolute dedication to working out and a smarter diet, a head-to-toe weight-loss strategy can be tough to master. These high-tech, non-invasive treatments can help jump-start a new attitude to health and weight control. Yes, you can use these methods to get on the path to a stay-in-shape routine but if you don’t make a lifelong commitment to eating smarter and exercising regularly, the results will be short-lived.


“What am I – about a B or C cup now?” Robert Craig (not real name), a 51 year old marketing executive, used to joke with his trainer about his “man boobs” Despite his best efforts working out at the gym and dieting, he just couldn’t get rid of the excess fat on his chest. Breast (gynecomastia) development in males aged 18-65 is fairly common occurrence that can be embarrassing and can prevent men from enjoying life to the fullest, says cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sean Brian Rice, who treats a lot of men with this condition. He explains that the causes are often linked to a hormonal imbalance in males who produce less estrogen or whose testosterone is converted into estrogen if they are on the chunky side. He … Read More »

Hollywood Beauty Secrets

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Get the skiny on Hollywood Beauty Secrets from today’s leading skincare professionals. An inside peek at the makeover techniques favoured by today’s stars:

It may sound too good to be true, but there are several new body shaping machines designed to remove unsightly lumps and bumps without the pain and recovery time that comes with surgery.

The UltraShape can trim as much as 10cm from your frame after three 45 – to 60-minute treatments, says Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, medical director of Toronto’s Bay Dermatology Centre. Using a combination of a vacuum-like device (to gently  stimulate blood flow to the targeted area) and focused ultrasound, the UltraShape Contour/Ver3 works to permanently destroy fat cells and tighten lax skin at the same time. There is a little maintenance work. “Patients are encouraged to follow a low fat, low carbohydrate diet during the treatment to maximize the results,” says Dr. Skotnicki. “Just as with liposuction, the procedure does not give patients the license to eat more, as the remaining fat cells can get larger.”

While UltraShape works on a concentrated area, the Zerona used laser technology for an all-over slimming effect. The low-level light laser (or cold laser) covers about 70 per cent of your body … Read More »

How to get hot legs fast

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Expert: Dr. Lisa Kellett, dermatologist at DLK on Avenue in Toronto.

Problem: Thunder Thighs

What’s new? “UltraShape is the only treatment that liquefies fat per­manently,” says Kellett. (Fat is broken down the same way that focal ultra­sound blasts kidney stones.).

Who’s it for? People who are fit and healthy but who have stubborn areas of fat. For best results Cut carbs and fat for about a week before and after. Eat high-protein foods and lots of vegetables and fruit, and drink eight glasses of water a day.

Downtime: None

Duration and cost: Derma­tologists recommend three one-hour sessions over a period of a month, for a total of $3,000.

Other op­tions: Thermage uses radio frequen­cies to boost collagen production and appears to tighten the skin. Spas offer the Accent and Vela Smooth cellulite treatments, which tempor­arily smooth the skin. Accent uses unipolar and bipolar radio frequen­cies, while Vela Smooth uses bipolar radio frequencies, infrared light and a vacuum action.

Topical options: Caffeine-infused creams, gels and patches cause blood vessels to di­late. This results in swelling, which temporarily improves the look of the dreaded “orange peel” skin.

Problem: Viens

What’s new? Sclerotherapy and EndoVenous Laser Treatment (EVLT).

Who are they for? Anyone with visible … Read More »