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Alkaline Diet for Anti-Aging

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Why celebs love the Alkaline Diet

Coping With Adult Acne?

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70 million Americans suffer from acne.

Nutricosmetics 101

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Q&A: Corina Crysler of GliSODin

The Water Myth

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Dry skin and drinking water

Pushing Oil-Pulling

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Gargling grease good for teeth?

Thermage Eyes Review

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How I Fixed My Wonky Eye

Cosmetic Preservatives

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Beauty Savers or Sins?

Brighten Up

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8 Foods that Fight Dull Skin.

4 Green Beauty Prods that Work

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By Jessica Wortsman.

Organic beauty products

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We bust through the organic and natural beauty myths to find out exactly what to look for in skincare products.

Sure, we all want to do what’s best for our skin, and in a lot of cases that means going natural or organic. But do you know what to look for when selecting the perfectly natural product for your skin? What ingredients are best for you and make the product stellar? ELLE Canada contacted the experts when it comes to skincare and all-natural beauty products for their advice on how you can set about finding eco-conscious products that work for you.

Going natural is in our nature
According to Sonya D’Cunha, the Director of Sustainability, and Natasha Lebel, the Vice-President of Innovation & Marketing, of Knowlton Development Corporation – one of North America’s largest contract manufacturers of health and beauty products – opting to use natural products is important for many reasons.

“The skin is our body’s largest organ of assimilation and the impact of what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put into our bodies,” says D’Cunha.

The pair adds the ingredients in many all-natural beauty products may heal and treat skin conditions in a way manufactured products cannot. “The healing properties of many ingredients have been celebrated by cultures around the world for … Read More »