ResurFX (Laser Resurfacing)

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DLK’s New ResurFX Treatment offers fractional skin resurfacing for a variety of skin concerns.

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ResurFX Laser Resurfacing restores skin tone and texture for healthier, brighter skin.  This treatment improves damage caused by aging and sun and treats both acne and surgical scars.  Patients experience a more comfortable treatment.  ResurFX Laser Resurfacing treats conditions such as hyperpigmentation, discolouration, uneven skin tone, age/sun spots, acne/trauma scars, fine lines and wrinkles, loose or sagging skin and stretch marks.


  • Fast, comfortable treatment with minimal down-time.
  • Results in a fresher complexion.
  • Stimulates collagen production for a healthier appearance.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

The ResurFX laser is an effective and comfortable laser treatment, meaning it stimulates the skin to develop collagen without harming any tissue. During the treatment collagen is targeted and regenerates for tighter, more even skin tone.  ResurFX is also a fractional laser, meaning the laser energy is delivered to the skin through microscopic channels, minimizing skin trauma. The device allows for highly customizable treatments, which will be discussed with you at the time of your consultation.

The ResurFX laser uses state-of-the-art CoolScan which allows for specific treatment areas to be targeted in a controlled manner, that protects the skin tissue from heat accumulation and overheating. This ability is unique to the ResurFX and the handpiece is equipped with continuous contact cooling, to increase comfort during treatment and protects the epidermis.  ResurFX’s innovative laser technology allows for different treatment shapes, sizes and density for optimal treatment results.

Your skin will be more sensitive to ultra-violet light after the procedure, so you must avoid direct sun contact until the skin is healed. Sun protection to avoid sun damage and premature aging of your skin should be used after treatment.

Clinical studies have shown smoother, firmer, tighter skin after ResurFX treatment.  Skin improvement as a result of the production of new collagen and increased tightening and contouring effects continue over time.  ResurFX Treatments can be used in combination with Intense Pulse Light treatment for optimal results.

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