Pregnancy skin care

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Dr. Lisa Kellett is expecting her third child and enjoying a couple of the benefits of being pregnant: “Healthy, shiny hair and great nails!” Here are some pregnancy skin care tips:

  • Many pregnant women develop melasma (or pregnancy mask), which is a flat, brown pigmentation that can be exacerbated by sun exposure. Always use sunblock. “I also wear a hat,” says Kellett. Melasma usually disappears post-pregnancy.
  • If acne is a problem, try topical solutions rather than antibiotics. Avoid salicylic acid and vitamin A (consult your doctor). Consider a moisturizer with alpha hydroxyl acids, such as glycolic or lactic acid, to help exfoliate the skin.
  • Although her hair looks healthier than ever, Kellett, like many expectant mothers, expects some hair loss postpregnancy. “It will grow back, usually within a year of delivery,” she says.
  • Stretch marks affect almost 90 per cent of pregnant women. While rich creams and cocoa butter might not prevent them, moisturizing the area can’t hurt. The marks do fade following pregnancy and can be treated with lasers, says Kellett.

—From “Tips From Lana – An adult guide to zapping acne” Canadian Living, November, 2003.  

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