Miracle On the Vine?

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Grapeseed touted as cure-all for skin and migraines

What the expert says…
“Grape seed oil is supposed to have antioxidant for damaged skin. It’s
probably not very effective, but better than nothing at all in
cosmetics. There’s no one who regulates how much goes into products. We
don’t know how strong it needs to be to be effective. There have been
no randomized double-blind placebo controlled trials. It’s not used in
dermatology as a treatment. If you’re making a cosmetic and you want to
add in an antioxidant, grape seed oil’s not a bad one to use. It’s not
the strongest one. You’d want to look for vitamin C first.”

DR. LISA KELLETT, dermatologist, Toronto

From Now Magazine, November 23-29, 2006 – text by Elizabeth Bromstein.

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