Letter from the Editor

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Letter from the Editor

Hi, Helen here.

Welcome to Canada’s first and only lifestyle site, focused on skin care!

How’s your skin looking these days?

Here, you’ll learn how real people, including myself, have transformed or are working towards fixing our skin concerns with the best products and non-invasive treatments.

We have exclusive access to Toronto’s best cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Kellett. She’s the woman responsible for keeping the city’s well-heeled looking refreshed and rejuvenated–not fake, filled, and frozen. Nobody wants to look like Joan Rivers or Bruce Jenner these days. In fact, recent stats prove it: According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of cosmetic minimally invasive procedures, such as lasers, and injectables, performed in 2011-2012 increased more than 10 percent, compared with 3 percent for surgical procedures such as facelifts.


So who is this site for? The thirty plus crowd, because this is when things go south skin-wise. Research shows that this is the decade when skin no longer “acts” young, as elastin and skin-plumping collagen production declines and skin becomes thinner–paving the way for the “3 Ds” of aging:

Deterioration = wrinkles, pores, texture, brown and red spots.

Descent = hallow eyes and cheeks, droopy eyelids.

Deflation = loss of face and neck volume and a general flattening of facial features.

All of these changes can make us look years older than we actually feel.

Personally, since turning thirty I feel like I am constantly playing a game of Whac-a-Mole because as soon as I deal with one issue, another one pops up! My skin battle is two-fold: As an acne sufferer being of Asian descent, I get hyperpigmentation after any blemish and many of these have morphed into deep, pitted scars. As any acne sufferer can attest to, acne and acne scarring has a strong emotional component to it–many who suffer from it try to keep their complexion under wraps.

Numbing cream before a laser treatment is a must!

I want to look my best without having to rely on layers of make up. And from what I’ve learned from the most reliable skin experts, that means committing to clinical treatments (spa facials won’t cut it anymore!) and daily use of sunscreen (the proven anti-ager!) and other cosmeceuticals.

So you won’t find fluffy makeup tips here–there are literally thousands of beauty blogs that will tell you how to wear the latest shade of red lipstick or how to apply pore-clogging foundation. I’m done covering up my skin.

And if you’re over 30, you should be too.

Instead of relying on makeup to look and feel your best, why not aim to get your skin to a state where you don’t need a drop of foundation? It’s possible.

How? Be proactive: commit to a skin care routine that works for you. Find one by working with a reputable dermatologist, just like how you maintain your teeth health with a dentist. Nourish your skin’s health with clean food. Cultivate these three habits and you’ll stay ahead of the aging game by ten years.

Dr Kellett, my amazing derm!

Wouldn’t it be nice to look and feel 30 when you’re 40? 40 when you’re 50? And 50 when you’re…75?!

Hey, and if you think you’re doomed to have horrible skin because your mom or dad does, don’t fret: only about 30% of facial aging is genetic, according to the Facial Aesthetics Care & Education Institute (FACE), an independent group of Canadian physicians and surgeons ensuring the highest standards in cosmetic enhancement procedures. The rest, they say, is caused by repetitive sunlight, smoking, and the environment. Totally controllable factors.

Ready to ditch the concealer for good? Stay connected, and let’s grow healthier, happier, and hotter together.


  • Kelly

    Beautiful photo Helen! A refreshingly open and honest letter from the Editor =)

    • http://theskiny.com/ Helen Vong

      Thanks Kelly. I do love my sun hats!

  • Tiffani

    Excellent site Helen, well done!! Thank you for taking the lead by bringing up a topic that most women struggle with – SKIN CARE. My story isn’t too far from yours. I suffered from acne as a teen and well into my adulthood. I had very oily skin and large pores, so blackheads, whiteheads and red inflamed patches were abundant on my face. I remembered using rubbing alcohol as a means to dry up my skin’s natural oil. Although it did help clear my skin and “dry” up the oil for a short time, I found I produced more oil and even more clogged pores soon after. Apparently, when you dry up the skins natural oil with a harsh drying agent the cells become dehydrated too. By the time I hit my 30′s I figured it all out… work from the inside out. What I was seeing on my face was a combination of poor food choices, stress and hormones – followed by the wrong skin care products.
    I will be visiting your site regularly to learn more on skin care.
    Thank you!!

    • http://theskiny.com/ Helen Vong

      Thanks for sharing your skin story, Tiff! Your holistic approach is spot-on. I think by being more candid with our skin issues, keeping the conversation rolling, we can all get through our dermal dramas and finally come to love the skin we’re in. I look forward to hearing more from you lady.

  • Nicole

    Thank you bringing attention to skincare in your thirties. I just turned 30 and I’ve finally realized that moisturizer and sunscreen should be in my skincare routine. I’m also considering removing scars, so your site is really informative. Keep it up!

    • http://theskiny.com/ Helen Vong

      thank you Nicole. Glad you’re starting to see the value in sun protection :) Stay in touch!

  • Toron_Ron

    I live in Toronto and Dr. Kellett has been my dermatologist, well for as long as I have had great skin…She is one of the best doctor’s I have come accross and I love visiting her clinic.

    • http://theskiny.com/ Helen Vong

      Isn’t she fantastic?! I’m so ecstatic that she’s our medical advisor. She’s like the skin whisperer and tells it like it is! Love her.

  • Basia

    Loving the site so far, Helen! As a 39-year-old woman, it’s nice to see some “real” advice on skin care. I turn 40 on April 2, 2013 and although I have a few more lines than I did a decade ago, my goal is to start this new chapter in my life with NO MAKEUP. I haven’t gone “bare” in years, so this is HUGE for me. You’re absolutely right. It’s time I invest in my SKIN, not MAKEUP.

    • http://theskiny.com/ Helen Vong

      Thank you, Basia! Let’s start this skin-savvy chapter together! I look forward to reading more of your comments and your own journey to healthy skin.

  • Giselle DiSanto-Curcio

    As a contributing writer on theskiny.com, I’m absolutely thrilled to share all my research and expertise on the latest trends, techniques, procedures and all the goodness for your skin. This website is filled with incredible experts, and I feel so honored to be a part of it! Make sure to shoot your questions off, we’ve got you covered!!

    • http://theskiny.com/ Helen Vong

      We’re thrilled to have you on team skinY too!

  • Joann

    Helen- tons of information! Will be sharing your site with friends!

    • http://theskiny.com/ Helen Vong

      Thanks, Joann! I really appreciate it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.kohn.3 Aaron Kohn

    Helen’s a class act.

    • http://theskiny.com/ Helen Vong

      Why thank you, Aaron :)

  • Cam

    Hey, nice site ;-) !

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  • Sharon Tsang-Peters

    I love this site Helen! The skin care advice is credible and I admire how you cut through the marketing hype. Too many beauty bloggers are clearly swayed by pr and free stuff these days. Great work!!

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