FAQ Tattoo Removal

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Q: Is there a common type of tattoo that people want to get removed?

A: There is not one predominant design but the common thread is that all have considerable significance often to a life event, or a person.

Dr. Lisa Kellett prepping the Q-switch Ruby Laser for treatment

Q: Is there a predominant age range among patients?

A: Generally patients are aged between 18 and 50.

Q: If a person chose to, could they get a tattoo done on the same place years down the road or would the skin be too sensitive?

A: The skin will be more sensitive in areas of previous treatment but some patients do tattoo over the area again.

Q: Does it make a difference if the tattoo is colour or just black? 

A: Black tattoos are easier to remove.

Q: On average how much does it cost?

A: $350 per treatment and up and tattoos require anywhere from 3-8 treatments but sometimes more.

Q:  What’s the procedure like?

A: The skin is injected with a local anesthetic and goggles are placed over the patient’s eyes. After that the tattoo is treated with laser. Afterwards an antibiotic ointment is applied followed by a dressing. The patient is told to apply a topical antibiotic twice daily for a week. Treatments are done 4-8 weeks apart.

Q: Is it as painful as actually getting the tattoo?

A: No because it is anesthetized.

Q: Is it completely unnoticeable after the job is done? Or is there some sort of scar?

A: Usually it heals well without pigment change or scarring although rarely both can occur.

Q: Are there any parts on the body that the procedure can’t be done on?

A: Eyelids are difficult to treat.

Q: Isn’t it easier and cheaper to just cover up an old tattoo with a new design?

A: Yes but the patients I see want a tattoo removed not camouflaged. Also remember that every tattoo you get increases your risk of scarring and developing a skin reaction to the tattoo.

A young woman getting a large tattoo removed at DLK on Avenue in Toronto.

For more on Dr. Kellett’s Tattoo Removal Program please click here.

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