“Smells Bad”

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“Smells Bad”

Consonant Organic Hand Cream

$20, consonantbody.com 

What it is: A rich and deep penetrating formula, containing Vitamin E, chamomile, rosemary, ginseng extract, and mineral-rich algae. It is made with natural ingredients and does not contain phthalates, petroleum ingredients, silicone, synthetic colour, synthetic fragrance or paraben preservatives.

Why I don’t like it: Let me begin by saying that I really wanted to like this product. I love that this cream is 100% natural and I really dig Consonant’s three-pronged skincare philosophy of purity, potency and luxury.  That’s where the love ends though.

While this cream does absorb very quickly (I can open a jar of pickles within seconds of rubbing it in), it leaves a strange, thin film on my hands, as though I’ve been playing with modeling clay. Though I’m not certain which ingredient(s) is to blame for this, the result is that my hands are left feeling sort of dirty.

And unfortunately, that’s not all. Though this product is unscented, it’s definitely not without its own inherent odour. Bluntly put, this hand cream smells bad. I liken it to rotting, moldy wood. Like damp earth. And before you yell at me, yes, I know that this intensely natural odour is the result of a product free from added perfumes (generally a good thing in my book), I just can’t get past the smell. No matter how effective or natural a hand cream might be, if I can’t bring my hand near my face without grimacing, it’s just not for me.  – Jessica Wortsman