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Has She or Hasn’t She – Courtney Cox

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Many of us got to know Courtney Cox, 46, as the lovable-but-neurotic Monica Geller on the ‘90s sitcom Friends. Since, Cox has transformed from New York City girl to Los Angeles cougar (thanks to her new series Cougar Town). But has she grown into her glamorous new persona or has she had cosmetic work to help her along? Elevate asks Toronto-based dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett – who has never worked with Cox – for her professional opinion.

“There are a number of procedures that patients of Courtney Cox’s age could benefit from,” says Dr. Kellett. “She could use some mid-face volume that would result in improving her nasolabial folds.” Injectable fillers in the cheeks can reduce the appearance of lines, she says, adding that using fillers in the under-eye area decreases hollows. A 40-minute, non-invasive SilkPeel treatment combines microdermabrasion and skin-specific topical formulations. “SilkPeel would remove dead skin cells and infuse agents that freshen up the appearance of the skin,” says Dr. Kellett. Sagging skin from the chest up is exposed the most on the red carpet. Dr. Kellett recommends Thermage on “the face, neck and chest to tighten without surgery.” Living in California means Cox is exposed to a lot of sun. Dr. Kellett says Cox likely benefits from photorejuvenation treatments, such as Lumenis One, “to address brown spots on the … Read More »

Fantastic Four

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We all know the benefits of antioxidants in our diets–foods like spinach, blueberries and strawberries are rich in vitamins and bioflavonoids that help detoxify cells. And when it comes to skin care, antioxidants also play a crucial role. While sunscreen is still the ultimate anti-aging cream, anti-oxidants supplement its benefits. “Ninety per cent of skin aging is cause by free radical damage that stems from environmental aggressors like UV rays, pollution and smoking,” says Dr. Diane Madfes, a New York City-based dermatologist.

Free radicals set off a chain reaction in our skin’s cells, which results in lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and a loss of firmness and elasticity.

Antioxidants come to the rescue like search-and-destroy operatives, seeking and neutralizing free radicals in our skin. “They boost the skin’s repair mechanism, which helps keep aging at bay.” says Dr. Madfes.

Since there are several types of free radical damage, it’s best to use a cocktail of antioxidants to achieve the optimal result. “The combination of ingredients work in synergy for a boosted effect,” says Donna Paty, national education manager for Kiehl’s. Look for products that combine vitamins A and C and green tea or have a “superhero” antioxidant like acai berry or idebenone that packs more punch.


Peptides are the building blocks of our cells and increase cellular production. “Peptides … Read More »

Welcome to Yorkville

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Toronto Star writer Rita Zekas gives us a tour of where big spenders and trust-fund babies shop.

Acne at 35?!

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Q: I’m 35 and I have bad acne. What can I do?

Dr. Lisa Kellett answers: The first thing is to get rid of anything that you’re using on your skin that’s a cream or a lotion. Do not use creams or lotions if you have acne. You should use gel preparations only. Often those creams and lotions are what is making you break out. We also use something called photodynamic therapy in the clinic, and it’s a treatment that we can use with a drug called Levulan. People tend to like it because it’s not an oral medication, and most people don’t want to take pills. We can also do things like Silkpeels, which deliver anti-inflammatory ingredients into the skin. Diamond peels can also help get rid of dead skin cells and clean out the pores.

—From “Ask an Expert – Ditch the creams to help prevent and manage your breakouts,”, March 18, 2010.

Understanding Cellulite

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Cellulite is a top body care concern with Canadian women. Yet, it’s often misunderstood. Dr. Kellett helps Cosmetics Magazine dispel the most common myths.

Stinky Feet Solutions

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Stinky feet. So embarrassing. Like when you go over to someone’s house and you’re asked to take your shoes off and you’re thinking, “Uh-oh!” Our hoofs work hard, so it’s not surprising they do a little sweating. We all get the smellies, but some of us worse than others. The obvious remedies include not wearing your three-year-old sneakers without socks. Some swear by socks made with silver, which supposedly fights bacteria. Others suggest sprinkling stuff like dried sage in your shoes or soaking your feet in tea or vinegar. People who take the constitutional approach are convinced stinky sweat is a sign of a digestive system on the fritz.

What the experts say

“Feet stink because of odour-causing bacteria that thrive when sweaty feet are stuck in a warm, dark environment. The bacteria can then grow in the shoes, making the situation worse. Ventilate your feet frequently, washing or wiping them a couple of times a day with a tea-tree-oil-based cleanser. If possible, you can also wash the insoles of some shoes. A great natural remedy is to combine baking soda and cornstarch with a few drops of tea tree, lavender, rosemary or thyme essential oil. Sprinkle this powder into shoes or around toes … Read More »

3 Non-invasive fat treatments

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Fat and cellulite: they are the reason most women dread swimsuit shopping and, aside from liposuction, have historically been the most difficult to target with cosmetic intervention. But new, less-invasive technologies are making it easier to blast away problem areas.

Best for…STUBBORN FAT: UltraShape.
You’re fit and healthy, but no matter how many hours you log at the gym, you have stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise. Sound familiar? UltraShape was designed with you in mind. This non-invasive treatment uses ultrasound technology to target and break up fat cell membranes and release the fat into the body to be metabolized by the liver. The hitch? You’ll need to exercise to mobilize the fat and get rid of it. “Think of it as if you were to eat a big steak,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett, a dermatologist in Toronto. “You want to burn off the extra calories you ingested – otherwise, they will be restored in the body.” Results are permanent after about three sessions (about $1,000 each), with no downtime. Expect to lose two to four centimetres or go down a pant size, says Kellett.

Best for…ARMS, BACK AND KNEES: SmartLipo.
Recently approved in Canada, this treatment … Read More »

5 Rules for Happy Skin

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“Eliminating fragrance greatly reduces the potential for irritation,” says Dr. Catherine Orentreich. Understand what the label lingo means: “Unscented” products may still contain masking agents so the product doesn’t appear to smell, while “fragrance-free” generally (but not always) indicates that no scents have been added. You can also scrutinize the small-print ingredient list for the words “fragrance” or “parfum.”

Whenever possible, ask for a product sample to try before you buy. Apply a dime-sized amount on the inside of your forearm twice a day for four days, suggests Dr. Lisa Kellett, dermatologist at the DLK on Avenue clinic in Toronto. If your skin stays in the clear, repeat the test on your jawline since your sensitivities can differ in these two areas of you body. If you still don’t react, you can safely add the product to your beauty regimen.

If the same cleanser you’ve been using for years is suddenly giving you hives, the manufacturer may have altered the recipe. But even if it’s still exactly the same, environmental stress, illness, hormonal changes, medications and aging can all influence your sensitivity level. “An individual with normal skin can react to a product even after long use,” Orentreich says. It may be time for … Read More »


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Lucky Penny suffers the odd breakout from time to time. (not from
too much chocolate, mom!) Thankfully only braces, headgear and eye
glasses plagued her awkward high school self… not zits. le sigh.

Forever indebted to her darling dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett, at DLK on Avenue, who cleverly developed her own line of products called Clear Clinical.

Lucky Penny’s daily regimen starts with exfoliating gel cleanser, revitalizing toner, acne treatment cream (only for problem spots) and gel moisturizer. Once in the morning, and just before bed.

She also uses sunscreen cream SPF 30 (spray also available), sensitive skin cleanser, thermal masque and mircoderm cream scrub.

Lucky Penny is blemish-free. buh-bye adult acne!

From Lucky Penny’s Beauty Bag

Toronto’s skin spot

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Fashion Magazine includes DLK on Avenue in their national guide to first-rate cosmetic fixes.

How To Be a Beautiful Traveler – 10 expert tips for protecting skin while on a sunny vacation

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Nothing puts a damper on a March Break vacation faster than a
sunburn or breakout. But packing every item in your beauty arsenal is a
waste of space in your luggage, not to mention a pain to have to lug
around. Here two experts dish on everything from what makeup to pack to
how to keep your skin looking luminous so you can save face — and
suitcase space — on your next vacation.

Protect your skin
Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue,
a dermatology clinic in Toronto, says it is essential to always wear at
least an SPF 30 sunblock whenever you're on a beach vacation. "Not only
does the sunblock offer your skin protection from the sun, but it
prevents photoaging of your skin," she says.

According to Kellett,
the one product most people forget to pack is lip balm with sunblock.
"A lip balm with SPF not only protects the sensitive skin on your lips,
but it is also great if you're stuck without sunblock because you can
also use it to protect the sensitive skin around the eyes," she says.

Besides packing a daily moisturizer to use to replenish skin
that gets dried out from sun, wind and other environmental exposure, Kellett also
recommends packing a cream with 1 per … Read More »

Protecting Skin from Cold Canadian Winters

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Cosmetics: To start, how much can the condition of our skin change from summer to winter? Can the change from oilier to very dry skin occur?
Dr. Lisa Kellett: The skin can change during the winter and generally the dead skin cell layers of the skin can become more prominent resulting “dryer” skin. How severe this is depends on the degree of elemental exposure as well as individual variables.

Cosmetics: What are the main concerns you hear from clients regarding skin in winter?
Dr. L.K.: They usually talk to me about “dry” skin, “chapping,” and fissured skin. They often say their skin feels uncomfortable.

Cosmetics: What SPF should Canadians be using in winter? Can a sunscreen cream replace a moisturizer?
Dr. L.K.: Always apply an SPF 30 year round. If a patient finds that a thicker sunscreen gives them enough moisture then that is adequate.

Cosmetics: What happens to skin when we get caught out in very cold winds?
Dr. L.K.: Signs and symptoms of overexposure include: redness, pain, numbness, blanching of the skin or a blue tint to the skin, and even frostbite with a loss of sensation.  Extended exposure to the elements can cause a decrease in blood flow and in sever cases, tissue death.

Cosmetics: … Read More »

Thirst Quenchers – Skin Moisturizers

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The winds blow, the frost bites, and suddenly your face is parched. Its time to rehydrate.

Ah, winter: pale blue skies, crusty snow underfoot, flaky puffs of white and the dry warmth of a cozy fireplace. It’s ironic that these same words describe the fate of my face. A few weeks in, and I’m dealing with parched cheeks, chapped lips, a dull complexion and one very scarlet nose. And while the red lip is au courant this season, that ruby hue isn’t so becoming on the area directly north of the mouth.

According to Dr. Lisa Kellett, dermatologist at DLK On Avenuein Toronto, the bleak state of our skin in the winter can be attributed to three factors: the drop in humidity, cold temperatures and wind.  This triple treat causes water loss in the skin’s superficial layers, rendering it as scaly as a snakeskin purse. As if that wasn’t vexing enough, forced heat indoors takes things from bad to worse – skin absorbs moisture from its surroundings, so if your home is as arid as the Sahara, there is no oasis in your immediate future.

That said, we don’t have to just surrender to this biological imperative. In addition to keeping a humidifier … Read More »

Fighting Acne and Wrinkles

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In her starch-white lab coat, a modern-day alchemist squeezes a drop of this and a squirt of that into her plastic cauldron of youth, and gives it a good stir with her wand.

Beside her, Rya Prozes lies with her eyes closed, patiently waiting to receive her monthly balm.

The alchemist is skin therapist Cynthia Whaley. The potion, a brew of botanical mixers, multi-vitamin and hydrating agents.

Prozes, a health and wellness specialist, is a 39-year-old woman trying to claw back the aging process while still in her 30s – an oft-forgotten demographic in the skin care market.

“The 30s mark changes physically and hormonally. For myself, I noticed slight wrinkles and smile lines in the eye area and furrow lines between the brows,” Prozes said. “It was starting to become apparent that I was in my 30s.”

The beauty industry can be divided into two clear markets: Harsh acne-fighting formulas for pimply teens and the rich emollient anti-wrinkle creams for the 40-and-up crowd.

Women in their 30s often get lost in the mix, forced to choose between moisture-stripping formulas and oily pore cloggers.

It’s a common complaint Dr. Lisa Kellett, a Toronto dermatologist, fields from patients in their 30s. This demographic faces dual, competing demands: continuous breakouts and moisture loss, she said.

“It’s frustrating for them. They say, `I’m … Read More »

Prepping for a wedding – How to avoid Breakouts

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While this order of business may not be topping your to do list, it should, especially if you want to look like the fairest of them all on your wedding day.

The business of skincare is what I’m talking about. While yes, beautiful skin is something you want everyday, but most definitely for your wedding day. If you’re anything like me (and most women I know), when your stress levels sky rocket and you’re not eating and sleeping right, you become reacquainted with that old high school buddy you’d rather forget: Mr. Pimple.

He and I seem to have been spending too much time together in the last few months with my skin going through an unrelenting breakout, the likes of which I haven’t seen for years. I have been busy; I have been travelling; I have been out of my routine; and I have experienced more than a few off the charts stress days trying to meet deadlines at work. When my tried-and-true home care routine wasn’t remedying the situation, I knew it was time to call in the pros—my dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett and her team of skin saviors at Toronto’s DLK On Avenue.

My diagnosis: stress and hormone-related breakouts. The remedy: a series of microdermabrasion treatments and a simple home regime of Dr. … Read More »

The Truth About Botox

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Most women I know are either pro-intervention (and plan on raging against their drying collagen in every way possible) or have no intention of messing with the effects of Father Time.

Whether you fall into one of these categories, or instead have adopted a laisez-faire, never-say-never attitude using Botox, everyone has an opinion on the world’s most poplar cosmetic treatment.

As a result, there’s a lot of misinformation out there, even though Botox is hardly new on the scene—it was approved for medical used by Health Canada in 1990, and cosmetically in 2001. To date, more than 16 million North Americans have been treated with it.

A little Botox 101: While it does create a smooth, unlined surface, it is not wrinkle filler. The sterile, lab-created botulinum toxin works by “softening” the action of dynamic muscles, such as the ones between your eyebrows that get exercise when your teenager comes home with a new tattoo.

The most common concern about using Botox are that it’s unsafe or that you’ll look frozen. And, of course, there’s needle phobia.

This past January, Health Canada concluded that Botox use came with a “very rare” risk (less than 10,000) of distant toxin spread—when the toxin moves beyond the targeted muscle into other areas of the body, potentially causing muscle weakness, difficulty … Read More »

Finding Bath Products Based on Your Skin’s Needs

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Weeding through the choices at the drugstore for good bath products can be an overwhelming endeavor. Some have overpowering fragrances, and others will leave your skin itchy and irritated.

Dr. Lisa Kellett, a dermatologist who runs the Toronto-based DLK on Avenue clinic for dermatology and cosmetic laser surgery, offered a few tips to make the process a bit easier. A couple of Kellett’s suggestions include knowing what your skin needs to help you narrow down the choices and avoiding novelty products such as bubble bath and products with a lot of perfume.

Here are just a few options based on skin needs and preferences:

Bath oils: Aveeno Shower and Bath Oil
Description: With this light oil, Aveeno offers relief to those suffering from dry and itchy skin. Its blend of ingredients, including natural colloidal oatmeal, will refresh and rejuvenate.
Dr. Kellett says: People with highly sensitive skin or conditions such as dermatitis should use bath oils instead of regular soap. “They will clean and at the same time moisturize,” she said.
Bottom line: When suffering from dry skin, Kellett said, you should avoid anything that will strip the skin. Bath oils will work better on those suffering from dry skin.
Price/Where to find it: Between $7 and $10 at most drug stores

Salts: Epsom Salt (multiple brands)
Description: Putting Epsom salts in … Read More »

More Men Seeking Cosmetic Treatment

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As the Botox-infused
needle pierces the skin around Howard Lende’s left eye, the resulting
wince produces the furrows he has earned over 46 years.

Slowly, the needle’s clear liquid contents empty into the
Toronto real estate agent’s face in a ritual that is becoming
increasingly common among men of a certain age anxious to smooth out
the wrinkles.

“I haven’t slept in 10 years,” says Lende, a top agent specializing in downtown luxury homes.

“It’s seven days a week, full speed. The eyes tell the story.”

The pursuit of age restoration, once the exclusive realm of beauty-seeking women, is now a distinctly unisex endeavour.

Lende sits in the bull’s eye of the male cosmetic procedure
demographic: Mid-40s, successful and in an industry where appearance –
especially youthfulness – is essential to success.

Indeed, real estate agents are among the leading group of male Botox-seekers, experts say.

“Presentation is part and parcel of the industry,” says Lende.
“If you’re happy with your face it gives you more energy and vitality.
It’s not always inside out. It’s often outside in.”

Achieving the new 30 when you’re in your 40s comes with options.

There are creams and toners. There is full-on cosmetic surgery.
And then there is the kind of middle ground: Clinical, non-surgical
treatments that plump, smooth, brighten and lift.

“We’re not going … Read More »

Stretch It Out – Fade Away Stubborn Stretch Marks With the Latest Treatment Options

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You’ve had your first baby, and while you’ve managed to lose the
baby weight, you haven’t been able to shake the telltale aftermath: stretch marks.
You might think you’re destined to never wear a tummy-baring bikini
again. Not true. While you may not be able to completely banish stretch
marks, the latest treatment options—from lasers to creams, peels and microdermabrasion —can help fade them away.

Stretch marks are caused when the skin is pulled to the limit,
whether due to pregnancy, weight gain or a rapid growth spurt. “The
skin literally stretches too quickly and the tissue breaks down,” says
Dr. Sachit Shah, a cosmetic physician with the BC Laser and Skin Clinic
in Surrey, B.C. Some people are more prone to suffering from these skin
mementoes than others. “Some women never get stretch marks, post-baby,”
says Dr. Greg Pugen, medical director at the Bellair Laser Clinic in
Toronto. “For others, it’s related to heredity.”

Stretch marks most commonly surface as red, purple or
silvery-white scars, and each kind is treated differently. Red marks,
the sign of early-stage scarring, are usually treated with a vascular laser
that removes the redness, says Shah. This form of treatment requires
three to four sessions, at a cost of $200 to $400 each. Shah says
pigmented scars are easier to treat, … Read More »

New Psoriasis Treatment – Health Specialist Laura DiBattista talks to the first person in the world to receive the treatment.

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Dr. Lisa Kellett appeared on CityNews and discussed a new treatment for Psoriasis. To view the segment please click here or click on the image below.