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Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

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Helen never thought it was possible to get fuzz-free without pain.

What are LED facials?

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Light therapy expert Jennifer Brodeur discusses the anti-aging power of LEDs.

My first LED facial

Posted on October 30th, by Helen in Blog, I tried it!, Treatments. 7 comments

LED lights aren’t just for christmas trees, they may help your skin too.

Mani + Pedi at Stillwater Spa

Posted on October 26th, by Helen in Blog, I tried it!, Treatments. 5 comments

Helen gets an anti-aging manicure and pedicure at one of Toronto’s best spas.

Needleless Mesotherapy

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Helen tries a natural alternative to chemical peels (and it’s no walk in the park).

Antiperspirant vs. Deodorant

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When your sweat is excessive or excessively stinky, what should you reach for?

Get Bambi Lashes

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3 things you must know before getting eyelash extensions

The Skiny on Botox

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You will not look like Nicole Kidman. This, and other answers to your questions about Botox.


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Move over Botox! There’s a new wrinkle smoother in town. Details here.

Microdermabrasion vs. Peels

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What’s the best way to exfoliate your skin at the clinic?

Threading vs. Waxing

Posted on September 26th, by staff in Skincare, This vs That, Treatments. 5 comments

We asked an eyebrow expert.

Reclaim Juicy Skin: Thermage

Posted on August 31st, by staff in Treatments. 9 comments

Thermage is a non-invasive skin-tightening treatment that uses radio frequency energy to tighten loose skin. Oprah is a fan.

What to ask before getting a laser treatment

Posted on August 25th, by staff in Expert Tips, Treatments. 7 comments

Don’t get burnt. Many medi-spas operate without any regulatory body or professional supervision in many provinces.

Varicose Veins

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How to get rid of them.

Thermage for Him

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When it comes to anti-aging treatments for men, Thermage is the answer to avoiding that “over-done’ look.

The painful side to laser skin treatments

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Cosmetic laser treatments are one of the fastest growing medical procedures. They’re used for hair removal, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction. And they can produce amazing results.

They’re sold to you through online daily deal sites, at hair salons, medical spas and even tanning salons. The ubiquity of the marketing has lulled many patients into thinking it’s as safe and “pain-free” as advertised. But put one of these lasers in the hands of someone without the right training, and you can end up with permanent skin damage.

Cosmetic lasers and “intense pulsed light”(IPL) machines are Class 3 medical devices. They’re powerful machines with the capability to damage your eyes and permanently mark your skin.

Right now, as W5 learned, anybody can use these high-tech and high-risk medical devices. In fact, laser treatments are one of the most unregulated medical procedures in Canada. You don’t have to be a doctor or have any medical training.

Dr. Lisa Kellett, a Toronto dermatologist with 20 years experience, is frustrated by the lack of regulations. Every week, she treats patients injured from poorly-trained practitioners. Patients have suffered severe complications: burns, pigment change, infections and permanent scarring.

“I really feel for them because they went to the wrong place, had … Read More »

Non-surgical ways to turn back the clock

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Canadian Beauty and Spa interviewed Dr. Lisa Kellett on the latest skin treatments and fillers.

Non-surgical treatments abound these days to help us maintain a youthful appearance; going ‘under the knife’ is no longer a necessity in the anti-aging arena, we have options. To find out what’s new and what works best, we interviewed Dr. Lisa Kellett M.D., F.R.C.P.(C), D.A.B.D. from DLK on Avenue Cosmetic Clinic in Toronto, specializing in non-surgical and cosmetic treatments.

B&S team: What can be done about sun damage or other pigment problems?
DLK: Intense pulsed light (IPL) is an effective procedure that treats sun damage and other pigment problems like brown spots. ProFractional laser also reduces brown spots. Dermamelan is a new treatment program that works for deeper dermal pigment such as that seen in Melasma.

B&S team: What is the latest product/treatment in anti-aging skin treatments?
DLK: There are very exciting advances in the field of non surgical skin tightening using the CPT Thermage which stimulates collage and helps to tighten skin. It allows tightening of the face and neck, stomach, legs and eyes without surgery and it is very efficacious. There are also new state-of-the-art injectable treatments available that restore lost volume and help to lift the skin … Read More »

FAQs Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

Posted on August 1st, by Helen in Treatments. 6 comments

What is Intraceuticals? Intraceuticals is an Australian company specializing in oxygen technology. Intraceuticals was founded in 2002, and has offices in 22 countries.

How is Intraceuticals unique?
Unlike other oxygen facials, which atomize or spray oxygen on the skin, the Intraceuticals Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen System uses therapeutic oxygen under hyperbaric pressure to infuse a special serum of modified hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants and amino peptides to the skin. Re-hydrated, plumped up skin in less than an hour will set this treatment apart from any other facial treatments.

Why is Intraceuticals unique?
Intraceuticals is more than just a facial; the combination of oxygen under pressure and modified hyaluronic acid creates a visible result you can instantly see and feel. Additionally, the application of pressurized oxygen increases the absorption of the Infusion which helps the skin retain hydration and moisture. Once hydration is balanced your skin will look and feel healthier and more vital – additionally many other common skin complaints will naturally disappear.

What does Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen mean?
Hyperbaric simply means the therapeutic use of oxygen delivered at above normal pressure.

How much oxygen is used in an Intraceuticals Infusion?
Oxygen makes up between 18- 21% of the atmosphere and is required to sustain life. … Read More »

Blue Light Treatment for Acne

Posted on September 13th, by Helen in Treatments. 9 comments

A new method of acne treatment has patients sitting in comfort under a UV-safe enhanced blue light to achieve noticeably clearer skin. ClearLight is proving to be a highly effective option in treating patients who have mild to moderate acne. Dr. Lisa Kellett, Director of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology at SpaMedica in Toronto, says an increasing number of patients choose the treatment because it is safe and makes them feel good about themselves. “It is painless, there is no down time, it leaves no redness and makes skin look great,” she assures. “People with acne want beautiful skin. Everyone wants beautiful skin. This helps them get it.”

The non-UV ClearLight emits a light source to the skin for sessions up to 15 minutes, penetrating the skin one to two millimeters deep, triggering and destroying chemical substances that cause acne.

After a consultation with Kellett to determine the severity, history and the nature of the acne, and whether or not the treatment will be beneficial, a patient would undergo treatments twice a week for a series of four weeks. In addition to the light treatments, an individual’s program may include different topical treatments, such as Vitamin A, oral antibiotics and/or ultrasonic peels to ensure … Read More »