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Review: Micelle cleansers

Posted on October 11th, by Helen in Blog, Products, Reviews. 11 comments

Our top four picks for the popular no-rinse cleansers.

Murad vitamin C peel

Posted on October 3rd, by Helen in Blog, Obsessions, Products, Reviews. 10 comments

Murad’s Intensive-C Radiance Peel gave me some morning glow-y.

Review: PCA retinol serums

Posted on September 28th, by staff in Products, Reviews, Skincare. No Comments

Antique vegetable peelers are a fab find. Wrinkles on your face are not.

Tria Blue Light for Acne

Posted on September 21st, by staff in Products, Reviews. 9 comments

A busy new mom, who has no time for in-office treatments, reviews the Tria Clarifying Blue Light device.

Dermalogica Shaving System

Posted on September 13th, by staff in For Men, Products, Reviews, Skincare. 8 comments

I ditched my drugstore shaving foam to review a spa-grade line for one month.

I love Latisse

Posted on September 5th, by Helen in Blog, Obsessions, Products, Reviews. No Comments

Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks is the new face of Latisse. “I had always been curious about it because my lashes are puny”

Shun The Sun, In Style

Posted on September 5th, by Helen in Sun Protective Clothing. 19 comments

Chic hats by Coolibar, Wallaroo, and ETSIS.

Reviews: The Clarisonic

Posted on August 22nd, by staff in Products, Reviews. No Comments

Beauty editors have been calling it a game changer for years while some dermatologists love it, some not. Does this tool really live up its promise of better skin?

Review of Kellett Clear Clarifying Acne Treatment

Posted on November 28th, by staff in Products, Reviews. 8 comments


The product: Kellett Clear Clarifying Acne Treatment, $75.

The promise: Benzoyl peroxide zaps acne-causing bacteria, but it also has a tendency to be drying, especially for adult acne sufferers. This serum-like treatment balances five percent BP—the highest concentration you can get over the counter—with ingredients to hydrate and soothe.

FLARE test drive: “Although my skin is naturally oily, even if I find that acne fighters can leave it flaky. This one didn’t. I used it once daily, in the morning, a pea-sized drop was all I needed to cover my whole face. Though the gel-like formula seemed gentle, don’t underestimate it: Over time my spots went from regular to rare.”  —Wing Sze Tang, Beauty & Health Editor, FLARE Magazine

 —Excerpt from “Test Drive Special” Flare Magazine, January 2011 

Review of Kellett Skincare Clear Kit

Posted on September 7th, by staff in Products, Reviews. 5 comments

We love skincare sets because they make sure that products go together, and they’re perfect for travelling with.

The latest to come my way is a system for adult acne plagued skin which has its own needs–adults want to make sure that the products they use won’t cause wrinkles and at the same time, they want to be acne free. If you’re over the age of 18 and suffer from adult onset acne, then this might be the system for you.

Kellett Skincare goes to the next level by being free of parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes, and any kinds of petrochemicals.

It’s also formulated by a doctor (Dr. Lisa Kellett!) and so it contains the best ingredients for ideal skin care. Dr. Kellett studied at the prestigious University of Toronto med school, and specializes in dermatology. Her adult patients kept asking for products that could help acne and wrinkles, and so she created something herself!

The system works because it is so well thought out. It contains a polishing cleanser – with little scrubbing beads, this is great for skin with acne, because it’s often oily and could use a good scrub to get rid of dry and dead skin cells as well … Read More »