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I love Latisse

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Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks is the new face of Latisse. “I had always been curious about it because my lashes are puny”

Shun The Sun, In Style

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Chic hats by Coolibar, Wallaroo, and ETSIS.

The Clarisonic Plus

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A review of the gold standard of all sonic cleansers. The one in which all others are judged against.

Reviews: The Clarisonic

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Beauty editors have been calling it a game changer for years while some dermatologists love it, some not. Does this tool really live up its promise of better skin?

Review of Kellett Clear Clarifying Acne Treatment

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The product: Kellett Clear Clarifying Acne Treatment, $75.

The promise: Benzoyl peroxide zaps acne-causing bacteria, but it also has a tendency to be drying, especially for adult acne sufferers. This serum-like treatment balances five percent BP—the highest concentration you can get over the counter—with ingredients to hydrate and soothe.

FLARE test drive: “Although my skin is naturally oily, even if I find that acne fighters can leave it flaky. This one didn’t. I used it once daily, in the morning, a pea-sized drop was all I needed to cover my whole face. Though the gel-like formula seemed gentle, don’t underestimate it: Over time my spots went from regular to rare.”  —Wing Sze Tang, Beauty & Health Editor, FLARE Magazine

 —Excerpt from “Test Drive Special” Flare Magazine, January 2011 

Review of Kellett Skincare Clear Kit

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We love skincare sets because they make sure that products go together, and they’re perfect for travelling with.

The latest to come my way is a system for adult acne plagued skin which has its own needs–adults want to make sure that the products they use won’t cause wrinkles and at the same time, they want to be acne free. If you’re over the age of 18 and suffer from adult onset acne, then this might be the system for you.

Kellett Skincare goes to the next level by being free of parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes, and any kinds of petrochemicals.

It’s also formulated by a doctor (Dr. Lisa Kellett!) and so it contains the best ingredients for ideal skin care. Dr. Kellett studied at the prestigious University of Toronto med school, and specializes in dermatology. Her adult patients kept asking for products that could help acne and wrinkles, and so she created something herself!

The system works because it is so well thought out. It contains a polishing cleanser – with little scrubbing beads, this is great for skin with acne, because it’s often oily and could use a good scrub to get rid of dry and dead skin cells as well … Read More »

Organic beauty products

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We bust through the organic and natural beauty myths to find out exactly what to look for in skincare products.

Sure, we all want to do what’s best for our skin, and in a lot of cases that means going natural or organic. But do you know what to look for when selecting the perfectly natural product for your skin? What ingredients are best for you and make the product stellar? ELLE Canada contacted the experts when it comes to skincare and all-natural beauty products for their advice on how you can set about finding eco-conscious products that work for you.

Going natural is in our nature
According to Sonya D’Cunha, the Director of Sustainability, and Natasha Lebel, the Vice-President of Innovation & Marketing, of Knowlton Development Corporation – one of North America’s largest contract manufacturers of health and beauty products – opting to use natural products is important for many reasons.

“The skin is our body’s largest organ of assimilation and the impact of what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put into our bodies,” says D’Cunha.

The pair adds the ingredients in many all-natural beauty products may heal and treat skin conditions in a way manufactured products cannot. “The healing properties of many ingredients have been celebrated by cultures around the world for … Read More »

Vitamin C in Skincare

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Dr. Lisa Kellett, consulting dermatologist at DLK on Avenue in Toronto, adds that dropping a 10-year loyalty to your favourite moisturizer isn’t necessary. “Vitamin C can be used to boost existing products to give them pharmaceutical grade. The advantage is that it’s topical, can be applied at home and is cheaper than filler.” So before proceeding to the nearest injectable, give C a chance.

The Basic 3 Step Skincare Regime

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“Instead of looking for the ‘new best thing’ on the skincare shelf, people should have a proper skin assessment and stick to what works best for their skin,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett, a Toronto-based dermatologist. “Think of it as the equivalent of low-rise jeans. They might be fashionable but they don’t fit everyone’s body type, so why wear them if they don’t work for you?” She also advises giving a new skincare regime two months to show results. It takes time for the skin to get used to a new formula and for the benefits to become obvious. “Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated,” she continues. Just start with three key items and work from there.

1.  A good cleanser
Following a skin assessment, choose a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. In your early 20s, it is likely you’ll have oilier skin, so buy a product that is formulated to control excess oil.

2. A broad-spectrum sunscreen
This should be the first product you buy. A sunscreen will protect against future sun damage and thus slow the effects of aging. You’ll find a new range of formulas that are much more comfortable to wear, from light fluids to gels and sprays.

3. … Read More »