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Men and Needles

Posted on January 11th, by staff in Dermatological Advice, For Men. 4 comments

Guys on the pursuit of youth.

Chemical Peels for Men

Posted on December 18th, by staff in For Men, I tried it!, Treatments. 6 comments

Aaron Kohn shares his experience.

Domi vs Wahlberg

Posted on December 17th, by Helen in Celebrity, For Men. 7 comments

The types of scars that could result from this fight, if it were to ever happen.

Shaving Foam vs. Oil

Posted on December 12th, by staff in For Men, Products, This vs That. No Comments

Battle of the beard busters.

Rob Ford: Red in the Face

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Our ruddy-faced mayor has 99 problems, including rosacea.

What The Yuck?!

Posted on November 19th, by staff in Dermatological Advice, For Men, What the Yuck?!. 22 comments

Bacne, moles, and tiny bumps.

What happened to his face?

Posted on November 15th, by JB Goodman in Celebrity, For Men. 11 comments

We attempt to revive Keith Richards’s craggy face.

Get Eyes Like Bond

Posted on November 9th, by Helen in Celebrity, For Men, Health. 4 comments

Get a youthful gaze like Bond. James Bond.

Solving the Muzzle Puzzle

Posted on October 31st, by JB Goodman in Dermatological Advice, For Men. No Comments

Six steps to a closer, smoother shave. Tips your dad never taught you!

Dermalogica Shaving System

Posted on September 13th, by staff in For Men, Products, Reviews, Skincare. 8 comments

I ditched my drugstore shaving foam to review a spa-grade line for one month.

Thermage for Him

Posted on August 24th, by staff in For Men, Treatments. 7 comments

When it comes to anti-aging treatments for men, Thermage is the answer to avoiding that “over-done’ look.

Male Grooming: Skincare Basics

Posted on July 28th, by JB Goodman in For Men. 4 comments

Sorry gentlemen, getting healthy skin takes more than just a splash of water and a bar of soap, especially if you want your skin to stay youthful well past your 20s. All it takes is a bit of knowledge, some key products akelnd a regular routine to keep you skin in tip-top shape. To get the scoop, we spoke to Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue in Toronto ( and Pam Baillie, P&G Beauty & Grooming External Relations Manager and Dr. Harald Büttner, Head of Beiersdorf Product Development in Hamburg.

Cleansing routine
It’s best to get in a habit of washing your face twice a day—once in the morning and once at night, using a gentle cleanser, suggests Dr. Kellett. Wash with lukewarm water and be sure to rinse thoroughly. Cleansing helps turn over skin cells and removes impurities from the face, not to mention it helps prevent pesky ingrown hairs.

If your skin tends to be on the oily side, try a gel formula, like Nivea’s Q10 Revitalizing Face Wash ($8.85), which helps to unclog pores, stimulate the skin and soften beard hair for better shaving results. Dry skin suffers should try a gentle cream cleanser, like Burt’s Bees Radiance Facial … Read More »

Male Skincare 101

Posted on July 6th, by JB Goodman in For Men. 7 comments

As a group, modern men have evolved into fitter, healthier eschewers of gluttony, abstainers of cigarettes-induced self-destruction and, now, embracers of anti-aging procedures, treatments and services that promise real-life facial Photoshopping.

The best anti aging routine for men

Posted on February 16th, by Helen in For Men. 6 comments

We’ve interviewed dermatologists, skin scientists, doctors and skincare specialists across the country to find the most effective anti-aging regime for men. Here’s your best, results-driven approach to skincare.

The most effective anti-aging ingredient can’t penetrate into the skin to do their work if there is a thick layer of oil and pollution on the surface. Get into the habit of using a gentle cleanser morning and night to remove the impurities from your face. Gel formulas work best for oily skin and creams for dryer conditions. Use luke-warm water and be sure to thoroughly rinse when finished.

The direction of beard growth can be haphazard, so always tell men to lubricate the beard very, very well before shaving.” Says Dr. Orentreich. “The hair is a protein that has the ability to absorb a lot of water. Just think of it as spaghetti – when it is dry, it is very difficult to cut. When it is boiled, it is very easy to cut. The same is true with our beard.’’ Use a good quality shave gel or cream to reduce friction on the surface of the skin when shaving. Invest in a good quality razor. And always shave … Read More »

Sunscreen isn’t just for summer

Posted on December 20th, by Helen in For Men. 6 comments

We’ve all heard the adage that women look straight to a man’s shoes when assessing his desirability. While there may be some truth to that, it does ignore one of our major selling points. Our faces communicate more about how we are than any stylish article of clothing ever could, so it’s paramount to take proper care of them.

If you’re a younger person, now is the time to start developing a simple routine to prevent the damage that will come back to haunt you in 10 or 20 years. And for those a bit older, it’s not too late to start now before incurring any more. According to Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue, “the most important piece of advice is to use sunscreen daily throughout the year. UV damage from the sun is not only dangerous but also accelerates the development of fine lines and wrinkles.” In fact, many of the visible changes often thought to be a natural part of aging— yellowish discolouration, mottled spots, small dilated blood vessels close to the surface of the skin and so on—are actually symptoms of sun damage.

Keep in mind, this advice is every bit as crucial in the winter as … Read More »

Manscaping tips

Posted on November 18th, by staff in For Men. 5 comments

The art of the body shave.

Men skin care

Posted on September 27th, by staff in For Men. 9 comments

Much has been made in the press about the growing men’s skincare market. But as a dermatologist, you have insight into how men approach the whole idea of caring for skin. To start, how do your male patients differ from female clients?

Dr. Lisa Kellett: My male patients are very results-oriented and often make quicker decisions about going ahead with treatment once they’ve decided that they have found the right physician. Younger male patients are more open to new treatments especially those that are advanced technologically.

Cosmetics: What are the most common skincare concerns men come to you with?
Dr. K.: Men complain of looking tired, brown spots on the back of their hands and face, dark circles under their eyes, large pores, spider veins and blotchy uneven skin. I’m definitely seeing more male patients today compared with five years ago.

Cosmetics: How does male skin differ from a woman’s?

Dr. K.: Male skin often has thicker dermis and tends not to be as sensitive as female skin.

Cosmetics: How do you address the issue of acne with male patients? This can have such a devastating effect on a person’s self-confidence during teen years.
Dr. K.: I think deep down male teen patients have the same insecurities as female teen patients. But they don’t voice them as readily. After all, … Read More »

Anti Aging: Men’s Skin Care

Posted on June 1st, by Helen in For Men. 8 comments

In this interview with Cosmetics Magazine, dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett talks about how men can help reverse the signs of aging on their skin.