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Your Plan for Ageless Eye

Posted on November 27th, by staff in Expert Tips, Products, Treatments. 7 comments

Eye creams for prevention and treatments to fix dark circles. It’s all here!

How to Pick a Good Hairspray

Posted on November 21st, by Helen in Expert Tips, Hair & Style. No Comments

Try our hair expert’s fail-proof shopping tip next time you’re at the salon.

Mickey’s Ten Commandments

Posted on November 12th, by staff in Expert Tips, Hair & Style. No Comments

We’ve all committed hair sins but it’s not to late to save our strands!

Halloween Makeup

Posted on October 24th, by staff in Expert Tips. No Comments

How not to get zits from your halloween makeup.

Antiperspirant vs. Deodorant

Posted on October 23rd, by staff in Expert Tips, This vs That, Treatments. No Comments

When your sweat is excessive or excessively stinky, what should you reach for?

Get Bambi Lashes

Posted on October 22nd, by Helen in Expert Tips, Treatments. No Comments

3 things you must know before getting eyelash extensions

Wrinkle knowledge

Posted on October 18th, by staff in Expert Tips. 6 comments

Dynamic Wrinkles Vs. Static Wrinkles. Do you know the difference?

The Fit Woman’s Dilemma

Posted on October 16th, by Helen in Celebrity, Dermatological Advice, Expert Tips. 9 comments

Truth: Fitness can be cruel to your face by the time you hit 40.

How To Get Pruity Hands

Posted on October 16th, by staff in Expert Tips. No Comments

A.J. Pruit, the famous hand model in Zoolander, inspires us to age-proof our hands.

What to ask before getting a laser treatment

Posted on August 25th, by staff in Expert Tips, Treatments. 7 comments

Don’t get burnt. Many medi-spas operate without any regulatory body or professional supervision in many provinces.

Untattoo You

Posted on August 25th, by Helen in Expert Tips. 10 comments

Dr. Kellett spoke to Global News about the latest ways to remove unwanted ink.

The Base Tan Myth

Posted on August 24th, by staff in Expert Tips. 11 comments

Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue in Toronto thinks a base tan not worth the high risk of getting skin cancer.

Age-Proof Your Eyes

Posted on August 24th, by staff in Expert Tips. 6 comments

At 54, Michelle Pfieiffer’s peepers look like they have not aged a day past 35. We tend to forget how sensitive and vulnerable the eye area can be. Here’s a reminder!

Cold sores

Posted on May 23rd, by staff in Expert Tips. 8 comments

Cold sores in spring? It’s not just a wintertime condition. According to dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue, in Toronto: “A number of things can reactivate the virus – like stress, sun and illness”

While it’s tough to avoid stress and illness, keep your lips shaded from UV rays with a swipe of SPF.

Prescribed antiviral medications are the gold standard for treating cold sores if taken early enough in an outbreak, at the prodromal stage – when you feel burning, tingling or numbness, says Dr. Kellett. But if you find yourself past that point, try Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patch, $20 for 15 patches, to conceal the lesion and to keep it from spreading. Or treat it with Coldsore-FX, $25, which contains propolis, a naturally sourced antibacterial and antiviral substance found in beehives, which is said to speed healing.

– From “Lip Service, Health Talk”, Glow Magazine, 2012.


How to get rid of dry skin

Posted on March 1st, by staff in Expert Tips. 5 comments

For some, it’s the number one rule to looking good. For others, it’s just about getting rid of that irritating texture. But all students and experts can agree that getting rid of dry skin is important not only to your skin’s appearance, but to your overall health as well.

“When skin gets very, very dry, it’s more prone to infection or irritation,” said Dr. Paul Cohen, a board-certified Canadian dermatologist and a member of the Canadian Dermatological Association.

According to Dr. Cohen, skin is your body’s barrier and your number one defence against bacteria in the world. If your skin becomes dried out and cracks, all kinds of bacteria can get in. It’s not only infection that drives people to get rid of their dry skin, however. Third-year York double major Santino Monachino says the reason a lot of people want to avoid dry skin is to impress romantic partners.

“If your hands are red and scaly and you’re meeting a girl, it’s not going to go very well” said Monachino, noting you also want to avoid dry skin because it makes for awful handshakes in job interviews.

First-year English major Zivana Bijelic agrees anyone who is dating would be horrified to find that … Read More »

Are egg whites good for skin?

Posted on March 2nd, by staff in Diet, Expert Tips. No Comments

Are egg whites good for skin?

How to get clear skin

Posted on December 31st, by staff in Expert Tips. No Comments

Healthy skin creates the first impression for your healthy body. So make your skin look fabulous! With today’s hectic lifestyle, stronger UV rays than ever before, and ever-increasing air pollutants, your skin
takes a beating. But have no fear, it only takes a few good habits to ensure your skin looks and feels great! I consulted with Toronto dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Kellett on her recommendations for attaining great skin.

Here are 10 suggestions from Dr. Kellett on how to get rid of stubborn blemishes, and maintain great-looking skin in our day-to-day lives:

The easiest way to maintain healthy skin is prevention! UV rays are a form of energy, which can be too strong for skin cells and daily exposure built up over time can cause irreparable damage. UV damage results in
the appearance of wrinkles, or worse, can cause DNA mutations in skin cells which could lead to cancer. Dr. Kellett suggests a daily moisturizer with SPF 30 protection or higher, a hat, and sun-protective clothing.

Dr. Kellett recommends getting a treatment called “diamond microdermabrasion” once every 4 weeks. It helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, open pores and results in a “fresh face” glow. Most dermatologists and plastic surgeons offer this treatment; so don’t forget to mention it at … Read More »

40 Beauty Tips

Posted on April 1st, by Helen in Expert Tips. 7 comments

Not sure what comes first, the lotion or the cream? Don’t worry. Beauty editor Vanessa Craft reveals the expert tricks and product picks bound to make you look your best.