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Male Celebs Aging Well

Posted on September 16th, by staff in Celebrity, For Men. No Comments

…and those who aren’t.

Marc Jacobs Skin Tee

Posted on August 12th, by Helen in Celebrity, Hair & Style, Sun Protective Clothing. 17 comments

Nude celebs for cancer awareness.

Stacey McKenzie

Posted on August 1st, by Helen in Celebrity, Interviews. 15 comments

Fearlessness, freckles, and fame.

Susur Lee

Posted on June 12th, by Helen in Celebrity, Diet, Interviews. No Comments

Interview with a top chef.

Celebrities with Skin Problems

Posted on May 9th, by staff in Celebrity. 31 comments

Psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, etc.

Facial acupuncture

The latest celebrity craze

Blotchy blob, be gone!

Posted on March 25th, by staff in Celebrity, Dermatological Advice, Skincare, Treatments, Videos. No Comments

How to get rid of Melasma.

Who's holding up?

Posted on February 25th, by staff in Celebrity. 9 comments

And The Oscar goes to…

Kelly Ripa

Posted on January 24th, by Helen in Celebrity. 7 comments

Gorgeous, funny, and Botox-ed.

Ellen’s Elbows

Posted on January 22nd, by staff in Celebrity, Videos. 7 comments

Ellen DeGeneres’ take on aging.

Kat Von D gets Un-Inked

Posted on December 28th, by staff in Celebrity, Treatments. No Comments

The Skiny on Tattoo Removal.

Domi vs Wahlberg

Posted on December 17th, by Helen in Celebrity, For Men. 7 comments

The types of scars that could result from this fight, if it were to ever happen.

Cellist: Amanda Forsyth

Posted on December 13th, by Helen in Celebrity, Interviews. 10 comments

The Skiny on the bombshell cellist.

Our advice to Kate

Posted on December 7th, by staff in Celebrity, Skincare. 7 comments

The cold hard truth about stretch marks.

What happened to his face?

Posted on November 15th, by JB Goodman in Celebrity, For Men. 11 comments

We attempt to revive Keith Richards’s craggy face.

Get Eyes Like Bond

Posted on November 9th, by Helen in Celebrity, For Men, Health. 4 comments

Get a youthful gaze like Bond. James Bond.

Glowing Green Smoothie

Posted on November 8th, by Helen in Celebrity, Diet, Skin-Saving Smoothies. No Comments

Turn up your skin’s luminosity.

Her Anti-Aging secret

Posted on October 22nd, by staff in Celebrity, Hair & Style. 10 comments

46-year old supermodel Cindy Crawford says it’s all about the hair.

What happened to her face?

Posted on October 17th, by Helen in Celebrity. 12 comments

At age 40, Cameron Diaz is looking a bit weathered these days.

The Fit Woman’s Dilemma

Posted on October 16th, by Helen in Celebrity, Dermatological Advice, Expert Tips. 9 comments

Truth: Fitness can be cruel to your face by the time you hit 40.