Boob Taboos

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Admit it: You’ve always wondered about…

Inverted nipples
“They are
fairly common and usually have no critical significance,” says Toronto
dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett. They may make it harder to nurse, but a
lactation consultant can help. If it’s something you’ve never had
before, get it checked out to be safe.

If a
woman has acne on her chest, it’s not unusual for a few pimples to
appear on her breasts, says Kellett. For a good and inexpensive spot
treatment, try using benzoyl peroxide.

Tips for Staying Healthy

The skin on your breasts is very sensitive – especially around erectile
tissues in the nipple area, explains Kellett. Use a baby moisturizer or
one that contains vitamin A (an anti-ager that promotes collagen
production) or vitamin C (good for cellular repair).

EAT WELL. Try foods that are rich in antioxidants, like bright fruits and veggies, to help repair damage to genetic material.

From Glow Magazine, October 2006.  To read the entire article please click here

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