Battling Adult Acne and Age Spots

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With your big day on the way, the last thing you want is to break out, expose wrinkles or reveal unappealing age spots on your W-day.  So fight ghastly skin nasties like crow’s feet and premature wrinkling, physical discoloration and post-pubescent zits with these three tried-and-true anti-aging products.

To start, combat adult acne attacks with Clear Acne Treatment Program. This dermatological cleansing system complete with anti-aging ingredients was created by Dr. Lisa Kellett, Director of Laser Dermatology at Toronto’s SpaMedica skincare clinic. “Originally, I made it for myself,” says Dr. Kellett, a graduate of both the University of Toronto’s Medical School and Harvard University, “so it had to be effective yet gentle enough for adult skin all at once.”

Begin with Clear Start, an exfoliant with antioxidant green tea that won’t strip your skin’s essential oils. The next step is Clear Acne Treatment; its benzoyl peroxide base is proven to be one of the most effective topical ingredients for acne control. Moisturize with the final step, Clear Completion, which is water-based and will not cause breakouts—plus, it’ll reduce the appearance of pores at the same time.

And once weekly, get rid of dead surface skin cells with Clear Masque, a salicylic acid solution that harnesses the regenerative properties of vitamins A and E.

Why we love it: our in-house tester found a noticeable difference in her skin within a week, and a bonus, it smells like tangerine!

—From “Fountain of Youth – Battling Adult Acne and Age Spots” by Viviane Kertesz,, Fall/Winter 2004.


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