About Us

About Us

The Skiny is Canada’s first and only lifestyle site focused on how to age amazingly by taking care of the largest organ you have: your skin! Based in downtown Toronto, we cover the latest innovations in the world of cosmetic enhancement, correction, and effective skin care.

Our Editors

Helen Vong, Girl About Skin

Helen comes from the print world. She spent five years as an editor at a popular women’s fitness magazine, and as a freelance beauty writer. Before that, she managed a salon and spa for a pretty decade. Fittingly, her motto in life is “Work hard, play hard –  but see a good dermatologist so you don’t age prematurely!” Follow her on Twitter @helenvong or email her at helen@theskiny.com

JB Goodman, Man About Things

JB comes from his own world. He is a global traveler that knows how to live life to the fullest.  We think he’s tried just about everything… at least once. Except tweeting, so if you want his attention, email him at jb@theskiny.com


For general inquiries, write us at editors@theskiny.com

Our Experts

Dr. Lisa Kellett, Consulting Dermatologist

A graduate of University of Toronto’s medical school with training in internal medicine and a specialization in dermatology, Dr. Lisa Kellett went on to study cutaneous laser surgery at Harvard and later founded DLK on Avenue, her bustling private clinic in downtown Toronto. She has also created Kellett Skincare, which includes her popular adult acne line “Clear.” Follow Kellett Skincare on Twitter @kellettskincare

Diana Phillips, Cosmetic Nurse

With 25 years in the biz, the registered nurse at DLK on Avenue knows a thing or two about using injectables and lasers correctly. From fixing duck lips to eradicating wrinkles or acne scars, no skin woe is too big for her. Diana is known for her less is more approach to cosmetic enhancement – looking naturally refreshed using only proven technology is what makes her Dr. Kellett’s right-hand woman.

Giselle DiSanto Curcio, Medical Aesthetician

A medical aesthetician with over 12 years in the industry, Giselle brings forth a wealth of dermal expertise. A former Clinique sales associate and then an assistant to a plastic surgeon, she is now the Vichy National Educator for English Canada. This new mom and self-proclaimed skincare junkie lives in Brooklin, Ontario.

Louise Hidinger, Chemist 

Ever feel like you need a chemistry degree to read skincare labels? Not to worry, armed with a Ph.D. in biological chemistry and a post-graduate certificate in cosmetic science, science writer Louise is here to help! Louise worked at two major law firms as a patent agent, specializing in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical patents. Her blog Ingredients of Style is her passion project, marrying her science expertise with fashion.


“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”  – Coco Chanel