15 Hot Summer Tips

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Heat and humidity can leave skin
shiny, melt makeup and frizz hair. These simple makeup and skincare
strategies can keep you cool all day long.

Skin is
affected by environmental factors like humidity as well as biological
factors like our monthly hormonal shifts, says Dermatologist Dr. Lisa
Kellett, owner of DLK on Avenue Inc. “In the summertime when it’s
humid, skin tends to be less dry, but it can also be oilier and break
out more.”

A clean start

For most people, Dr. Kellett recommends an exfoliating
cleanser with beads that help clean out the blackheads caused by
increased moisture and sweat on the skin. Dry skin? Stick with a normal
or milk cleanser that’s not too stripping. Try: Clear Start Cleanser
rids skin of dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells without stripping
essential oils.

Sunblock – your summer moisturizer

“An SPF 25 sunblock is often rich enough so you don’t need a
moisturizer in the summer time,” says Dr. Kellett. If you’re dry,
choose a richer, creamier sunblock. Oily skin should use a water-based,
oil free sunblock. Apply a generous coat, wait half an hour, then
decide if you need a moisturizer or not. Try: Clear Waterproof Crème
SPF 30 great for sensitive skin. Pabafree.

From Canadian Health & Lifestyle Magazine, by Charmaine Gooden, Beauty Expert.  To read the entire article please click here

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